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10 Things You Definitely Did Week One

UCLA students are all unique, accomplished individuals, but there are some areas where we’re all in the same boat. Here are some of the #Week1Probz in which you’ll definitely recognize yourself.

1. You put off homework.


Reading is basically optional anyway.

2. You didn’t get much sleep.


Blame it on Netflix, partying and pretending to study till the wee hours of the morning.

3. You sampled the best of Westwood junk food.


Whether it was a rational decision or a late-night whim, you definitely ended up at Tommy Taco, Fat Sal’s or In-N-Out sometime last week to make up for going without it all summer.

4. You forgot someone’s name. Three times.


There are too many darn people at this school.

5. You went out too much.


Whether you’re more into partying or going to the movies, you definitely spent more time brushing up your social skills than you did perfecting your knowledge of 15th century Nepal.

6. You made excuses for not working out.


After all, you have all quarter to get fit and the gym is way too crowded first week.

7. You cheered on the Bruins.


Despite our loss, your school spirit remains unfaltering.

8. You went to a club meeting just for the food.


Free Diddy Riese > anything else you could possibly do with your time.

9. You dropped your fourth class.

This way you’ll have five more hours a week to study for all your other classes!

10. You made generally poor decisions.


Hey, it’s okay – you’re in college.


Which errors of judgment did you make last week? Share your stories on Twitter @dbmojo or in the comments below.

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