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Four Running Routes Around UCLA

Running the perimeter around UCLA, although enjoyable, can get a little old after awhile. Being an avid runner myself, I try to mix up the routes that I run to keep things interesting.

Often, I just start running with a general idea of where I want to go, and then I have some fun and make it up as I go along (with my map app open on my phone, of course, so that I don’t get completely lost).

Here are some of my favorite routes to run around UCLA , starting with the shortest distance route. The distances provided will vary depending on where you start. Most of my runs start on the Hill. In the photos of the maps (click to enlarge), the gray numbers indicate the mile markers, and the green and red indicate the start and end of the run.

Stone Canyon (Out and Back – 3.0 miles)

This run is a great run if you’re looking for something that’s shorter in distance that still gets you away from UCLA. Starting from the Hill, run along Sunset and then turn onto Stone Canyon Road until you reach a pink hotel. You’ll run about three miles total. To shorten or lengthen the run, either turn back early or just keep running. That’s the beauty of out and back runs – you can turn around when you feel like it. Stone Canyon Road is fairly quiet and peaceful, although there are no sidewalks, so make sure to watch out for cars.

Beverly Glen / Wilshire (Loop – 4.2 miles)

This route is one of my go-to routes because it’s not too short, not too long, and it is the perfect mix of city and residential running. Starting on Sunset Boulevard, the sidewalk gets fairly narrow and you’re running right next to traffic, so make sure you’re not zoning out too much while jamming out to your music. Once you turn down S. Beverly Glen, continue on Comstock Avenue and you’ll pass by Holmby Park.

At the park, there are public restrooms and water fountains, which is perfect if you need to take a break in the middle of your run. Then turn on Wilshire Boulevard (slightly hilly) and then Westwood Boulevard. I love to stop in Westwood on my way back for a cold smoothie or boba as a post-run treat – a reward makes it that much easier to get out the door in this hot weather! If you do stop, the run will be a little bit shorter, but if you start and end at Wooden, you’ll run about four miles.

Extended Perimeter (Loop – 4.9 miles)

This loop involves running through more residential areas and is about a mile longer than running the perimeter. Starting on the Hill or at De Neve crosswalk, you run down Veteran, turn on Weyburn and then spend a short amount of time on Warner Avenue before continuing on Loring Avenue and then turning onto Sunset Boulevard. It’s slightly uphill for most of the second half of the run (once you cross Hilgard), so if you’d like to make this route easier, you could start on Sunset and run it backwards.

Rochester (Loop ~ 5.9 miles)

This loop is an extended version of the Beverly Glen / Wilshire Loop above: If you’re up for the challenge, it’s slightly more difficult, but also a lot of fun. The run begins the same way as the loop above (including passing by Holmby Park), except when you get to the intersection of Comstock and Wilshire, you cross the street and keep running.

After you cross, turn onto Rochester, which is in a residential area. There’s a hill on almost every block of Rochester, which makes this run a bit harder. One thing to note is that there are a lot of intersections you’ll cross while on Rochester, but not all the intersections are four-way stops, so you have to be on the lookout for cars coming through. After you survive the little hills on Rochester, it’s a straight shot back to campus on Westwood Boulevard.

I love this route because it’s a nice getaway from campus, and it’s easy to mix it up to run a slightly different path each time. You can explore a lot of the area past Wilshire and still pretty easily find your way back to campus. I ran this just the other day, and actually ended up running straight into the Hangover III premiere – not a bad way to end a run!

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