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5 Ways to Avoid Bruin Day Crowds

It’s that time of year again. This Saturday, our campus is about to be bombarded with tens of thousands of visitors as admitted prospective freshmen and their parents come to campus to check out what UCLA is all about. Not even the Hill is safe, with breakfast/brunch on the Hill switching from omelets to scrambled (gasp! scandal!) to prepare for the crowds this weekend. Maybe you’re a tour guide, a volunteer or a host to an overnight student. Kudos to you for carrying on the True Bruin tradition, but what about the rest of us? We have midterms to study for, food we’d like to eat and maybe, just maybe, a need for peace and quiet.

Catering to the shut-ins in all of us, I’ve come up with five alternative activities for this Saturday, in the chance you don’t want your life to be bombarded by overly enthusiastic high school seniors and their even more enthusiastic parents.

1) Instead of getting coffee at Kerckhoff, try Espresso Profeta (1129 Glendon Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90024).

Open from 7 am to 7 p.m., this pricey-but-worth-it hideaway is only a short walk away from campus.

2) Rather than work out at Wooden (which will force you to venture down Bruin Walk), try your nearby facilities if you live on the Hill or take your workout off campus.

Change it up a little by jogging/running around Westwood with some routes from fitness blogger Julianna.

3) Instead of getting your study on at YRL or Powell (crowds of tours like crazy), try the Biomedical Library or the East Asian Library.

They’re open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., so you might be able to get some studying done.

4) If you are planning on just hanging out but don’t want to stay on campus, try out a trip to Sawtelle¬†or a sugary post-third week pick-me-up.

5) Final resort: Just up all night on Friday and then sleep in until Saturday afternoon.

The crowds will be mostly gone by 3 p.m., leaving the rest of your Saturday devoid of confused parents asking for directions and masses of people walking up Bruin Walk.

Have any other suggestions for how to keep busy (and away from the crowded parts of campus) during Bruin Day? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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