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Five Quiet Places to Study On Campus

So, it’s that time of year again. Yep, it’s almost finals week. Finding a quiet place to study is not always easy, especially when places like Powell Library and Ackerman Union are jam-packed. Mojo previously compiled a list of convenient on-campus places to cram, but here are some not-so-well-known options.

Murphy Sculpture Garden

If you are the outdoorsy type, this is perfect for you. The garden located in North Campus is quiet, calming and serene. Because the garden is so far into North Campus, it tends to be less crowded and noisy. There are a few benches, but this location is ideal for lying out on the grass with your textbook (if it’s sunny, that is). Relax and study at the same time… just don’t fall asleep.

Lecture Halls

An empty lecture hall may seem a bit scary at first, but it is actually one of the quietest places to study. Sitting in a lecture hall tends to make you feel more studious and eager to study. Just make sure you don’t accidentally sit in on a class while trying to study. Listening to a lecture on molecular bonding probably won’t help you write your essay on “Hamlet.”

Shapiro Courtyard

Located between Dodd and the UCLA School of Law, this courtyard is practically dead silent. There are plenty of tables to choose from and it is hidden out of view. If you need a break from studying, you can squirrel watch.

Franz Hall

The lobby may be small, but there are couches, desks and outlets, which make for a great study environment. Even if the lobby gets full, there are benches just outside that make for the perfect reading spot. Just because it’s a lobby doesn’t mean it can’t function as a study space.

Charles E. Young Research Library – Basement

Basements were practically made for studying. The upper floors of YRL can get pretty noisy, especially with the coffee shop and bathrooms, but the basement is a quiet haven. The basement of Powell Library tends to fill quickly, but YRL usually has spaces, even during finals week.

What are your favorite quiet places to study? Comment below or tweet us recommendations @dbmojo.