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A Bucket List for UCLA Students

Casey Bradford / Daily BruinCollege should be the greatest four years of your life. Its a time to try new things, challenge yourself, and learn. Here’s a list of things you should accomplish before you graduate.

Personally get to know a professor – Remember in elementary school, you would freak out if you ever saw a teacher outside of school?  Well, it’s a bit different in college. Professors may be quite interesting. If you find a professor you like, go to their office hours to ask questions. If they’re currently doing research, ask if you can be an assistant. What’s the worst that could happen? Besides, this might provide a great opportunity to get a letter of recommendation or help with future classes.

Take a Class You’re Interested in – You might wonder what would happen if you had chosen a different major. Whenever you have room in your schedule, enroll in a class that sparks your interest. If you don’t have room because you are an overacheiver who has chosen to double major in fine arts and mathematics or something like that, you can simply sit in on the class.

Study Abroad – Unfortunately, studying abroad is not financially feasible for everyone, so do not feel like this is a must. However, studying in a different country will change your views on the world. Not only will you see beautiful tourist attractions, but you’ll learn about different cultures and lifestyles, which can never be taught in a classroom.

Undie Run – If you ever feel self-conscious at all, this is the perfect way to break that feeling. During the Wednesday nights of Finals Week, people strip down to their underwear and run across campus as a way to de-stress. So not only will you get a break from studying, you’ll get a slight workout too.

Take a recreational class - You’ve been exercising your brain for many hours everyday, so why not exercise your body for just a bit?  The classes at the John Wooden center include yoga, dance, martial arts, and more.  They are also very cheap compared to classes you would take at any other gym, so at least give it a try. You can find more information here.

Spring Sing – Spring Sing is “UCLA’s oldest and greatest musical tradition.”  This is a time where all students come together to watch amazing performances including solos, duets, bands, a capella groups and productions of high talent. Singers who have gone on to have their big break, such as Sara Bareilles, have started here.

Spot a Celebrity – We live in the star studded city of LA so celebrities are everywhere. Whether they’re filming on campus, premiering at the theaters in Westwood, or eating lunch at Lemonade, you’re bound to bump into one eventually.

Football Games – UCLA is very popular for its athletics, so you should experience what all the fuss is about. The must-see game each year is the UCLA vs. USC game. Due to the infamous rivalry, the school spirit is at its peak during this day, and will provide for a fun experience.

Dance Marathon – Dance Marathon is a campus-wide event, in which students fundraise for AIDS medicine, by pledging to stand on their feet for 26 hours.  This will be the ultimate test of your mind, body and soul, but it will feel so rewarding afterward.

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