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Best Thrift Stores: Goodwill Santa Monica

Who needs common sense when you have fashion sense?

If only it were this simple. Unfortunately, most college students have to find ways to balance spending money among clothes, food, books, etc. To help you strike that balance, we’re starting a new series of posts about the best thrift stores in Los Angeles. Last week we reviewed Lighthouse World Charity Thrift Store in Santa Monica. Next up: Goodwill Santa Monica. 

There are at least ten Goodwills scattered across L.A., including one at Santa Monica Blvd and 6th, just a quick bus ride away from UCLA. Goodwills are a thrifter’s paradise because such a diverse range of people donate, so there is a great choice of styles and sizes. Items are also well priced (most things are under $10). For the best Goodwill shopping experience, wear something comfy and be ready to dig through racks upon racks of duds before you find a gem. Goodwill isn’t about sifting through organized racks to find the hippest pieces, like it is at Crossroads or Buffalo Exchange. They’re putting it all out there for you.

The common rule with thrift stores is to keep an open mind and never look for anything specific. However, there are sometimes exceptions to the rules, so the best things to be on the look out for at Goodwill are:

  • Radical unisex graphic tees (See chicago rubber ducky race tee above)
  • Costume-like dresses (Retro patterns or a velvet, flowered statement piece)
  • Jackets (They’re usually more durable and in better condition than some of the other riffraff)

Just remember to pick items carefully, check for holes or stains and think cheap. Most importantly, BE BOLD!

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