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Week 3: Student Style Highlight

Iris Goldsztajn / Daily Bruin

Clarification: We updated this post and omitted the phrase “Asian-inspired” in Ehiemere’s description of her style because the editors consider the phrase culturally insensitive.

Nkem Ehiemere, a first-year molecular, cell and developmental biology student, was walking back to the Hill when we spotted her unique look. Ehiemere knows exactly what she likes and what she absolutely does not. When asked to describe her style, she didn’t hesitate to tell us that she tries to mix her clothing with typical ‘50s pin-up items. This student also follows a certain number of rules. She told Mojo that she NEVER wears flats or pants. Perhaps it is her impressive discipline that makes her style work so well?

Whatever it is, one thing is sure: The girl knows how to shop. Her shoes were – brace yourselves – 63 cents from a thrift store. A pro thrifter, Ehiemere also scored her shirt at Savers. As for the crown jewel of this outfit, the student’s patterned dress, she bought it off eBay from an independent designer who specializes in vintage pin-up dresses.


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Where to Get Student Discounts


Admit it – you just spent your last five-dollar bill on a half-caff soy mocha latte at Kerckhoff Coffee House. We’ve all been there.

As college students, our budgets are limited. Thankfully, many retailers and services are aware of this and offer student discounts as a result. We’ve compiled the best ones below, so take note and don’t forget your BruinCard! (more…)

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Best LA Thrift Store Neighborhood: Hollywood/Sunset Junction

This week, I was headed to the Goodwill on Hollywood Boulevard, when I drove right through a thrifting mecca. A Vintage Vortex V, Crossroad’s Trading Co., Goodwill, and a new find, Squaresville, are all conveniently located within a few blocks of each other around the Hollywood/Sunset junction. It’s a kind of heaven for avid L.A. thrifters.

Vintage Vortex V houses a glamorous collection of vintage from many different vendors. Each vendor’s clothing is grouped together, making the space feel more like five to 10 mini stores. Items range from $30-300, so you might want to save your cash for Goodwill, but do your inspiration shopping here. The second room of clothing is much for college budget-friendly, however. Men and women’s vintage tees, frocks and cut-off jean shorts are priced at about $20 each. Vintage Vortex also has a vinyl store on the block if you’re looking for some records. It’s definitely a place to get inspired by the old school vibes and fabulous fashion.

Squaresville is only short walk away at Vermont and Melbourne. Most items in the store cost between $10 to 20. They have a radical collection of dresses and quirky handbags, as well as skirts, tops and coats. This place offers clothes with the perfect price range and it’s located in an awesome neighborhood filled with handmade co-op stores, little cafes and hip eateries.

Crossroad’s Trading Co. is also nearby. At Crossroad’s you’ll have to dig for those really funky pieces, but they have a lot of good basic, recent fashion at second hand prices.

Goodwill beats all other stores in terms of prices and is an excellent place to spend your leftover cash at the end of the day.

Know of any other thrifting palaces near Sunset Junction? Tweet us @dbmojo or comment below.

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Fashion Friday: What’s In Your Bag?

This week we talked to Caroline Park, a stylish first-year Design | Media Arts student, about her fashion and about the few things she always carries with her. Caroline describes her style as simple and is inspired by Alex Chung and Kiko Mizuhara. Her favorite wardrobe staple is a basic tee, which she likes to get on sale at stores like Urban Outfitters. Besides Urban, her top three places to shop are Wasteland, Goodwill and Brandy Melville. We asked Caroline to empty the contents of her bag and this is what we found:

  • Laptop – So she can work on her Form homework (some cool 3D modeling)
  • Red Lipstick – To freshen up throughout the day and liven up her simple wardrobe.
  • iPhone – Self-explanatory!
  • Disposable Camera – “You can take it anywhere since it’s small, and it’s just fun.”
  • Notebook and Pencil Bag – Park said the one thing she always keeps in her bag is this “notebook-journal-calendar-book.” As an artist, she likes to make notes, write and sketch.
  • Film Music Book – She couldn’t get into the “film and music class” this quarter, but she bought the book anyway for pleasure reading.
  • Headphones – For listening to tunes on her way to class.
  • Sunglasses – For sunny LA weather. Can you believe it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today?
  • Shampoo and Razors – “Uh, I just have this because I went to the UCLA store today before class,” she said, laughing.
What’s in your bag? Take a photo and tweet us @dbmojo.


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