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How to Pull Off Trick-or-Treating as a College Student

keep calm

Do you feel like Halloween isn’t the same without massive amounts of candy and the competitive rush of trick-or-treating? On the actual night of All Hallows’ Eve, don’t despair and substitute the lack of candy with alcohol. Instead, relive your childhood with these tips for pulling off trick-or-treating when you look well over the max age limit. (more…)

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Food and DiningHow-to

4 Idiot-Proof Fall Recipes You Need In Your Life

IMG_9473 Pumpkin spice, caramel apple, roasted pecan, cinnamon and nutmeg … These are the tastes of autumn. Take advantage of the months of October and November, when it’s socially acceptable to obsess over pumpkin-flavored everything. You don’t need to be a Master Chef to incorporate these fall flavors into your cooking. Here are 4 simple recipes guaranteed to impress your roommates (that is, if you’re willing to share). Bonus: your apartment will smell like holiday heaven. (more…)

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A Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Navigating the UCLA Free & For Sale Facebook Page

Free and For Sale
If you’re on Facebook (which you probably are) and go to UCLA, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Free & For Sale, a Facebook group for and by UCLA students requiring an email address to join. It’s Westwood’s own digital never-ending garage sale, with people hawking free overripe bananas, dining table sets, shoes and much much more. For sellers, there are approximately 12,000 people who can look at your goods. (more…)

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Arts & EntertainmentHow-to

Dorm DIY: Photo Coasters

We’ve all seen the horrendous Pinterest disasters when DIY projects go wrong. That’s one of the many reasons that I have never attempted to DIY anything. I am the least artsy person you know, can’t draw anything to save my life, and pretty much am the last person you would want to ask for help with a DIY project.

Yet here I am, telling all of you Mojo-ers, how to make DIY coasters. That is because these are so foolproof that even I didn’t mess them up. Yep, you read that right. The queen of art disasters managed to make these beauties:

DIY Coasters 2

And the best part? They cost less than 50 cents each. So you can make them for your roommates, your mom, your long lost aunt … and still not break the bank. They’re the perfect apartment-warming gift! (more…)

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