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A Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Navigating the UCLA Free & For Sale Facebook Page

Free and For Sale
If you’re on Facebook (which you probably are) and go to UCLA, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Free & For Sale, a Facebook group for and by UCLA students requiring an email address to join. It’s Westwood’s own digital never-ending garage sale, with people hawking free overripe bananas, dining table sets, shoes and much much more. For sellers, there are approximately 12,000 people who can look at your goods. (more…)

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Dorm DIY: Photo Coasters

We’ve all seen the horrendous Pinterest disasters when DIY projects go wrong. That’s one of the many reasons that I have never attempted to DIY anything. I am the least artsy person you know, can’t draw anything to save my life, and pretty much am the last person you would want to ask for help with a DIY project.

Yet here I am, telling all of you Mojo-ers, how to make DIY coasters. That is because these are so foolproof that even I didn’t mess them up. Yep, you read that right. The queen of art disasters managed to make these beauties:

DIY Coasters 2

And the best part? They cost less than 50 cents each. So you can make them for your roommates, your mom, your long lost aunt … and still not break the bank. They’re the perfect apartment-warming gift! (more…)

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How to Stay in Touch with College Friends Over the Summer

I honestly don’t know how to feel about summer. Sure, I get to go home, meet up with old friends, am absolved (for the most part) of the responsibilities of getting my own food, doing my own laundry, etc. and settle into my pre-college routine.

On some days, it’s almost as if my freshman year of college never happened. But it did. And it certainly isn’t easy to be separated from the friends with whom you’ve spent the majority of your year. So without further ado, here are my favorite ways to stay in touch with college buddies:


Snapchat (more…)

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Three DIY Graduation Gifts

As the school year winds down to graduation, we should stop and acknowledge that the seniors of the Class of 2014 have been broke college students for the last four years of their lives! With that being said, here are three easy DIY replacements for typical graduation gifts:

1. Leis
Leis, as most of you know, are flowers stringed together and worn on the neck. They’re delicate and sometimes fall off the string, but always manage to look fresh on camera. The only thing better than the smell of fresh flowers is the smell of fresh dollar bills that won’t fall off while you’re walking up to receive your diploma. Click here for specific instructions.

20140603_232706 (more…)

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