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Convenient on-campus places to cram

The midterms are coming! The midterms are coming!

Week four is approaching, and with it comes the familiar stress of exams, essays and the struggle to find an available study spot. It doesn’t take long to learn that Powell Library, Ackerman Union, Kerckhoff Hall and even some of the study rooms on the Hill fill up fast during midterm season.

Mojo set out across campus to uncover a few lesser known study spots. Here are the top six:

Untitled Cafe – Broad Art Center

A few couches and a couple of small patio tables go a long way when you need a change of scenery. Added bonus: the revitalizing aroma of coffee. They also serve sandwiches, tapas and salads. Perfect for killing time before discussions in Public Affairs or Bunche Hall.

Charles E. Young Research Library – Upper floors

The newly renovated first floor of YRL is pretty crowded nowadays, but the upper floors remain neglected. Upstairs, there are cubicles aplenty and nice aerial views of North Campus. The downside? Sometimes it’s a little hard to find an electrical outlet.

Engineering IV – Third floor

North Campus students shouldn’t rule out the possibility of studying in South Campus buildings. Engineering IV is particularly close to the apartments, and each desk conveniently comes with its own electrical outlet. Also, the view of Ackerman Terminal is perfect for people-watching, especially as the day comes to a close.

Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library – Community Health Services, across from Botany Hall

Deep in South Campus, this library’s entry level has new study tables and chairs as well as another study room with windows. The upper floors are not as nicely furnished as the lower floors, but with 11 floors, you can almost always find a place. On a nice day (which, let’s be honest, is most days in Los Angeles) many students opt to study at the tables in the courtyard.

Arts Library – Public Affairs

Although its lower floors are a tad claustrophobic, the stools between stacks provide the perfect spot to perch while finishing reading or making those last few edits to a paper. Bonus: The architecture is somewhat reminiscent of the Titanic. If you make it all the way to the fifth floor, you’ll find a spacious little study lounge that overlooks Lu Valle Commons.

Music Library – Schoenberg Music Building

Like the Arts Library, at first, this place can feel a bit cramped. But there’s an airy seminar room you can visit upstairs, as long as class isn’t in session. The comfy blue chairs are a welcome change to the wobbly, wooden chairs of most other libraries on campus.

Have you studied in any of these spots? Comment below or tweet us your stories and recommendations @dbmojo.

With reports by Alessandra Daskalakis, Bruin contributor.

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