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First Impressions Fall 2013

The first day back to school is always a big deal. What are you going to wear? Who are you going to sit next to? Will your classes be fun? We all feel the same pressures. This fall Mojo wanted to see how students were feeling during the first day back at class. We talked to a few throughout the day who shared their feeling with us and here’s what we found: 

Brian Pham

With a beautiful sunrise and birds chirping, hundreds of UCLA students start walking to class in a zombie like fashion. Luckily for Jeffrey Brown, a second year political science student, he came prepared for the early rise. “I worked at a camp this past summer, so I’m used to this time. Plus, I’d much rather be in lecture than working with a five year old – actually, 20 five year olds.”

With classes in session, Bruin Walk is back to its usual bustle as clubs try to recruit new members and freshman naively pick up mass amounts of flyers. “I had a class this morning, MCDB 165A. It was very interesting despite it being early. Since then, I have been flyering and it has been chaotic. I’ve gotten the typical rejection: the faces that say ‘just please stop’”, said Johnathan Zhao (right) , third year molecular cell and developmental biology major, as he energetically handed out flyers to passing students.

Students can’t be distracted by flyers when they are on a mission to get to class. One such student, third year psychology student Alondra Lizarraga, told us, “I am also excited about a Holocaust class I’m taking today. I’ve always been interested in this topic so I’m happy I get to take a class that focuses on it.”

Julianna Foster / Daily BruinSome students have had full days of learning, working, and getting back into the routine of school, but Kathy Tran (right), a second year Human Biology and Society student has had a very relaxing first day. “Second year is chillin’. I woke up at 11:30, rolled out of bed for my one lecture which ended early, and my day is done. My lecture was for Viet 1A. The professor was adorable. She had emoticons in her slides and mimicked them too,” said Tran.

Amy Giroux / Daily BruinLauren Hastings, a fourth year biology student , was feeling nostalgic about her last first day of school at UCLA. She is focused on making the most of her senior year while also preparing for the future. Reflecting on her favorite memories from her time at UCLA, Hastings, an avid football fan, said “I especially enjoyed watching the elite athletics that UCLA offers as well as being able to meet people from around the world. I’m going to miss that about UCLA.”

Whether its your first day as a wide-eyed freshman or seen-it-all senior year, tell us how it went by commenting below or tweeting us @dbmojo.


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