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Fitness Friday: Do’s and Don’ts of the Gym

Do: Clean up after yourself.

Don’t: Leave your sweat all over a machine that you just used without wiping it down.

Do: Wear deodorant.

Don’t: Wear a ton of cologne or perfume and think that everyone will be attracted to how amazing you smell.

Do: Share equipment with other people.

Don’t: Claim that you only have one set left to go and then proceed to hog the squat rack/bench/whatever you’re using for the next half hour.


Do: Put your weights back where you found them.

Don’t: Throw your weights on the ground and walk away. First of all, no one knows if you’re coming back to use the equipment and second, someone could easily trip on haphazardly placed equipment.


Do: Keep a balanced workout regimen.

Don’t: Do 18 sets of bicep curls while staring at yourself in the mirror.

Do: Actually work out when you come to the gym.

Don’t: Make obscene, loud noises. It’s distracting and chances are you’re not really working that hard.

Do: Perform all movements with good form.

Don’t: Offer unsolicited advice to someone working out next to you.

Any do’s and don’ts of the gym that you have to add to this list? Tweet us @dbmojo or comment below.

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