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The Fresh Faces of UCLA

Welcome new Bruins! As a freshman, it is normal to have hopes and dreams about how your first year will go. It is also completely normal to be nervous about what to expect. College is completely different from high school – it’s a place where you will get to experience things like a dining hall, living on your own and joining awesome clubs. We spoke to three freshmen, all roommates, asking them about their thoughts for this year and got to know a little about them.


From left to right:

Ivette Keme – Los Angeles – Biology

Katherene Quiteno – Cudahy, Calif. – English

Jacquie Williams –  Harrisburg, Pa. – Undeclared

What at the activities fair this year caught your eye?

JW: Random Acts of Kindness.

KQ: The film club and advertising.

IK: I liked the free food the most!

What are your thoughts on the dining hall food so far?

JW: It’s better than what I expected!

KQ: Well, it’s not instant ramen.

IK: Better than high school.

Any childhood or embarrassing items you brought with you from home?

JW: A Lamb Chop stuffed animal that I wanted ever since I was a kid.

KQ: A stuffed cheetah named Tao.

IK: My Cinderella pillow.

What are you excited to do in LA?

JW: Disneyland!!

KQ: Seeing the underground music scene and food tasting in downtown.

IK: Getting out more.

What is the biggest difference you see between Harrisburg and Los Angeles?

JW: It is way more diverse here. In Harrisburg everyone was the same, I couldn’t find my niche.

What do you fear?

JW: Not finding a close group of friends my first year.

KQ: Losing confidence socially and in classes.

IK: Failing classes.

What do you hope happens by the end of the year?

JW: I figure out my future.

KQ: I want to be happy.

IK: I hope I get fit.

Are you a freshman? What are you excited or nervous for this year? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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