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Friday the 13th: A day of caution

It’s a day dreaded by the superstitious, Westwood-ites being no exception. The notoriously unfortunate Friday the 13th fell at the end of this week.

Mojo caught up with a couple of people to ask how their days were going. Here are  some answers we got:

  • Westwood resident Vaughn Hardenberg didn’t get paid today, and he was supposed to be. He was also headed to pick up a prescription at the UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center and felt a bit apprehensive about a doctor’s appointment later that day.
  • Third-year psychology student Morgan Martin gave herself extra time to get to the train station to travel to San Diego for the long weekend. She had also gotten sick this week, and a professor didn’t show up to one of her classes.
  • Fourth-year art history student Marlee Newman’s Latin quiz didn’t go very well. She admitted to being superstitious — during finals week, she wears her lucky No Doubt or Gwen Stefani shirts, without fail.
Are you superstitious? Got any odd Friday the 13th stories for us? Comment below or tweet @dbmojo.



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