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Happy National Coffee Day from Mojo

Casey Bradford / Daily BruinMany college students have a love-hate relationship with coffee. We love our sleep but we also need to study.

Make sure to go out an fill your coffee fix today at one of the many coffee shops on campus or in Westwood. If your feeling fancy, hit up Profeta or Elysee in Westwood for a caffeinated delight. If you’re too lazy to leave the Hill, make your own creation in the dining hall. Here’s one suggestion:

Peppermint Mocha: 

- Get one shot of espresso

- Plop in a peppermint from the bowl near the entrance of the dining hall

- Fill the rest with hot chocolate

- Enjoy

We made a coffee inspired playlist to celebrate, which includes plenty of Fall Out Boy, All Time Low and Landon Pigg so you can reminisce about those middle school days before you started drinking coffee.

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