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High School Senior Who Started #AcceptBernieUCLA Twitter Campaign Receives Admission to UCLA

Sometimes dreams do come true. Proof? I am taking Kate Upton to prom. Bernie Zak, the high school senior who started the Twitter campaign #AcceptBernieUCLA to get off of the waitlist, will be attending UCLA this fall.

Like a true Bruin, Bernie Zak had been studying hard Sunday night. After a long night of writing, he took a much needed Monday nap (sign number one that he’s ready to come here).

“I woke up and my phone had all of these notifications,” Zak said. “It said ‘UCLA Admissions,’ and I did a double take. So I checked it … and got the generic acceptance letter. I started freaking out, and I hear my mom asking me what’s wrong. She must have thought I broke a bone. I just said ‘I got in!’”

According to UCLA Undergraduate Admissions officials, applicants are accepted off of the waitlist after officials review the original application and any information the student wishes to add in a 7,000 character field. Zak said he sent the admissions team an essay describing his love of UCLA.

The applicant can also provide updated grades or an additional essay. In terms of Twitter campaigns, it seems this unorthodox form of “compelling information” does not factor into a student’s admission.

“Student privacy and confidentiality prevent us from discussing a student’s application of admission’s status,” an admissions official told us via email. “To be clear, however, a Twitter campaign by any student would have absolutely no influence on our admissions decision.”

So, just like that, the #AcceptBernieUCLA campaign is finally over. Zak didn’t even have to finish his “50 reasons why Bernie Zak should be accepted” list. (He made it to #32, counting down from #50).

“I’m excited to be with a group of kids that can have a lot of fun but are also really intelligent people,” Zak said. “When it comes down to it, (UCLA) is one of the smartest groups of students in the world.”

Zak said he will soon tweet out the number one reason he should be (or, in this case, was) accepted to UCLA. If I had to guess, it was his swift entrance into all of our hearts – and/or his more standard qualifications.

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