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How to Make the Most of Gap Times Between Classes

Ever wonder what to do with all that free time during awkward gaps in your class schedule, other than just wander around campus? Wouldn’t it be great to use that time productively? Here are a few ways to maximize the efficiency of your gap time so hopefully all that free time won’t go to waste.

  • Casey BradfordAttend office hours – Many professors schedule their office hours right after their class so they will be able to talk to students when the material is fresh in their minds. Take advantage of this. Also, a different professor might coincidentally have office hours during your gap.
  • Read for fun – Always busy with school, work and socializing, it’s hard to find time to simply read just for fun. Perhaps you’d like to crack open the novel you’ve been dying to read, or if not, you might want to pick up a copy of The Daily Bruin on newsstands all over campus to find out what’s happening.
  • Unplug – Oftentimes people forget that they need time for themselves to simply do nothing but relax and perhaps reflect on the good things in life. Find a nice, quiet spot on campus where you can avoid your phone, iPod, computer, etc. and simply relax.
  • Take a nap – This is an amazing thing to do, especially if your gap is right after an 8 a.m. class.  If you feel at all tired, perhaps instead of rushing to grab a coffee you can find a bench somewhere with some nice shade and take a nap. However, if you need to wake up for a class, try setting an alarm on your phone to make sure that happens.
  • Eat – Not only is eating a basic necessity, but with an hour-long gap, try eating at some new places on campus.  For example, if you’re a South Campus student, eat at Lu Valle Commons. If you’re a North Campus student, try eating at the Bombshelter. A change of scenery can help you to relax and get out of learning mode.
  • Shop – If you have only a short amount of time, go to Ackerman Union to purchase textbooks if you haven’t, or any miscellaneous supplies you may need. If your gap time is longer than an hour, you can try grocery shopping in Westwood and dropping off your groceries before your class starts.
  • Study – If you know you have gap time one day, bring some extra books to campus that day to study. During your gap time, just do a few problems or read for a bit.
  • Go to the gym – If you ever think there’s no time to work out, gap times are when to do it.  Maybe you can lift some weights or do some ab exercises if your time is short. If you want to do some running on the treadmill, be sure to have gym clothes with you before you leave your dorm or apartment. Keep in mind that if do not want to be sweaty and want to shower before your next class, you may need a two-hour gap or longer.
  • Extracurricular work – This could mean many things, depending on what club you’re in.  You might brainstorm ideas for the next social event, outline what to discuss at the next meeting or respond to dozens of e-mails, especially if you have a leadership position in a large organization.

How do you spend your awkward gap times? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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