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Life Hacks: Dorm Edition

Daily Bruin / Jessica Korn

As college students, we’ve become masters of accommodating for our lack of money and general life skills. And to make that scraping by even easier for you all, I have taken it upon myself to share these simple (and more importantly, free) life hacks I have discovered upon my time here at UCLA by using things that we all have sitting around in our dorms.

Shampoo and conditioner bottles as dumbbells

Daily Bruin / Jessica Korn

I was working out in my room the other day and realized I don’t have any dumbbells. When searching through all of my belongings to find some sort of substitute, I remembered how heavy my shampoo and conditioner bottles are, and they definitely did the trick. Of course after some washes you’ll have to replace your impromptu weights. (I suggest buying oversized bottles like these. Go big or go home.)

Hanger as a door stopper

Daily Bruin / Jessica Korn

This one might be specific depending on which dorm you live in, but as long as you have a stable fixture to the side of your door this should work just fine. Just make sure the hanger is strong enough!

A lei as an extended door handle

Daily Bruin / Jessica Korn

Now I greatly appreciate the extra storage space we have here, but unless you’re Shaq, these storage spaces are a bit too tall for most. I had a lei lying around from a giveaway for a campus event ages ago, and now instead of gathering dust in my closet, it serves a purpose.

Old cardboard boxes as coasters

Daily Bruin / Jessica Korn

I hate when cups leave stains on wood, but I’m too cheap to buy myself coasters. Instead I take advantage of when I get a package from the mailroom and use the cardboard as a coaster. This works just as well for plates if you’re also lacking in the dishware department.

A cup as a speaker

Daily Bruin / Jessica Korn

For Christmas my little sister got a Beats Pill speaker. I got $20 and a Barnes and Noble gift card. If you’re in my boat and can’t afford a fancy speaker, just stick your phone inside of a cup and the sound will blow you away. This is also a good use for waking up in the morning so you won’t be as likely to sleep through your alarm.

What life hacks do you use in your dorm? Share them in the comments below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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