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No Equipment, No Problem: 10 Exercises You Can Do from Anywhere in the World

It’s still summer and even though vacation time usually implies constant relaxation, large amounts of exotic foods and fruity cocktail beverages, it is still nice to maintain the figure you have worked hard for leading up to the week under the sun. Even if your hotel room doesn’t include a gym, there is no need to worry because you can still get those endorphins through this quick and easy to do full-body exercise circuit that doesn’t require any equipment, can be done right in your hotel room and won’t get in the way of your tanning time. Just start your morning like this and get an energized jumpstart on your day of vacay:

100 jumping jacks
Get your blood pumping and heart rate going while warming up your muscles with this classic move.

50 bicycle crunches
Beginning in a basic crunch position with your hands behind your head, use your core to alternate each of your elbows to touch the opposite knee.

40-second wall sit
Stand against your hotel room wall and bend your knees to a 90-degree angle and hold it to get a burn in your quads and glutes.

30-second side planks (each side)
Be sure you don’t let your body sink towards the floor and instead hold it up using your core and obliques to keep a straight line with your body, holding yourself up on one elbow with the opposite arm extended towards the ceiling.

15 squat jumps
Start in a squatting position and jump up until your feet launch off the floor to land back in the squat  repeat without stopping in between.

15 push-ups
The great thing about push-ups is how practical they are to do anywhere, and remain one of the most effective exercises for arms, back and your core.

20 tricep dips

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Use the seat of a chair in the hotel room or the edge of the bed frame to support your hands to work on keeping those arms lean and toned.

30 alternating lunges 
Keep your back and body straight and don’t let your hips fall forward to keep good form.

40-second twisted mountain climbers
Start in a push-up position. Bring one knee in towards the opposite arm, then alternate, twisting your core and holding it tight. Do this as fast as you can for 40 seconds straight.

50 reverse crunches
Starting in a basic crunch position with knees bent, lift your hips up towards the ceiling and bring them back down with control.

Finish off the sweat-breaking circuit with about 20 minutes of cool-down cardio by taking a nice walk on the beach or jogging along a pretty site of your destination. Vacation is about taking care of and rejuvenating yourself, so what better way than to appreciate the beauty of the location you’re visiting while attributing to your health. You’ll be guaranteed to come back refreshed and ready for your day of activities (and with more reason to indulge at dinner time).

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