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Throwback Thursday: The UCLA Homepage

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.38.38 AM

Let’s take a look back at UCLA’s website throughout the years.

Above is UCLA’s homepage in 1999. Feel free to click on this link to explore the website and pretend like you’ve traveled back in time. It’s perfect for procrastinating studying for midterms.

The homepage became slightly more modern in 2001, but, in my opinion, the UCLA logo definitely still needed some major work.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.41.19 AM


And you can’t ever complain about again after you’ve seen the MyUCLA page from 2001.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.41.41 AM


This is the homepage in 2006. Still a little rough compared to today, but it’s definitely coming along.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.54.05 AM


And here it is today. We’ve come a long way.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 12.57.16 AM

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Food and Dining

dineLA’s Restaurant Week: Mojo’s Top Picks

food gif

Jan. 19 through Feb. 1 marks dineLA’s Restaurant Week, where foodies living in and visiting Los Angeles have the chance to sample from specialized, price-fixed menus while taking advantage of some great deals. Whether your looking to try a trendy, upscale restaurant for dinner or maybe just a casual spot for lunch, Restaurant Week gives you the opportunity with multiple course meals based off the restaurant’s most popular dishes. The following restaurants are our top picks, located in-and-around the Westwood area.

For Lunch… 

Farsi Cafe

Located on Westwood Boulevard, Farsi Cafe serves, as its name suggests, authentic Persian cuisine. At less than two miles away from campus, the walk there is definitely doable. For just $20 per person you will get an appetizer, entrée and dessert. I highly recommend the ground beef kabob which is served atop a bed of white rice. The food here is delicious; however, it could potentially put you into a major food coma.

Emporium Thai Cuisine

Also located on Westwood Blvd. at a walking distance from campus, Emporium Thai is another fantastic pick for lunch. For $15 per person you can get a two-course meal, and if you check in on Yelp while at the restaurant, you receive a complimentary Thai Iced Tea and $5 coupon for Aqua Thai Spa. While I haven’t sampled any of their Restaurant Week dishes, I have tried Emporium’s award-winning Pad Thai and loved it. If you’re looking for amazing Thai food and a cozy, classy atmosphere, then definitely visit this restaurant.

TLT Food – Westwood

A product of a successful food truck, TLT (The Lime Truck) Food serves American street-style cuisine. Since it is conveniently located within Westwood Village near the intersection of Westwood and Kinross, you can easily stop by here for your lunch break if you have an hour or two between classes. For $15 you can get your choice of two tacos or an entrée, along with a side, drink and dessert. If you want to experience a restaurant favorite, its steak fries are highly recommended, as evidenced here by countless reviews.


For Dinner… 

Fundamental LA

If you’re looking for a trendy new restaurant to try with friends for dinner look no further than Fundamental LA. For $40 per person, you can have a five-course meal, including dessert. While this restaurant may seem a bit pricey for the average college student, keep in mind that each dish is made with organic and fresh ingredients. Its location on Westwood Boulevard makes it a short walk and an even shorter Uber ride, from campus.


Blue Plate Taco

This last pick combines an oceanfront view with authentic Mexican cuisine. Located in Santa Monica, Blue Plate Taco offers a three-course dinner for $30. In terms of transportation, you’re best bet will most likely be taking an Uber, a Lyft or if you want to save some cash, the Metro. One possible route is to take the 20 line from the intersection of Wilshire and Westwood and get off at Ocean Avenue and Santa Monica, which would end up costing less than $2. For beautiful views, delicious food and a casual atmosphere, try Blue Plate Taco.


Restaurant Week is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the diverse types of cuisine available here in Los Angeles. It ends on Feb. 1, so take advantage of it this week while it lasts!

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Mojo Asks Students

Where Should You Live Next Year?

Having trouble deciding whether to stay in the dorms or move to your Greek chapter house? Live at home or get your first apartment? We asked students about the pros and cons of different types of housing. This will hopefully help you decide.


Daily Bruin file photo
(Daily Bruin file photo)

All dorms


  • Easy to make friends
    – Jennifer Livschitz, second-year biology student
  • You don’t have to cook
    – Livschitz
  • Dorm food
    – Dori Edwards, fourth-year communications student
  • Close to fraternities
    – Jessica Freed, fourth-year history student
  • Having random roommates
    – Jacquie Medeiros, third-year English and religious studies student
  • B-Plate, B-Caf and De Neve Late Night - Medeiros
  • You are surrounded by new people every day which gives you a chance to branch out
    – Kelvin Campbell, second-year math and economics student


  • Far from class
    – Livschitz
  • Hills
    – Livschitz
  • Dictated meal times (you can’t eat between 3-5 p.m.)
    – Livschitz
  • Annoying RAs
    – Livschitz
  • Expensive – Livschitz
  • Barely any space – Edwards
  • Far from sororities – Freed
  • Lots of rules
    – Jessie Gold, third-year global studies and French student




  • Little privacy – Edwards
  • Noisy
    –Shannon Nolte, third-year molecular, cell and developmental biology student




  • Really spacious – Freed


  • Super antisocial – Freed



Daily Bruin file photo
(Daily Bruin file photo)


  • You get to cook (oven = cookies) – Livschitz
  • It can be closer to class - Livschitz
  • You have more space - Livschitz
  • It’s cheaper – Livschitz
  • No alcohol policies – Livschitz
  • Can drink and have friends over without being nervous – Edwards
  • Can do your own grocery shopping – Edwards
  • More freedom to decorate how you like – Edwards
  • Choose who you live with/room with – Edwards
  • Feels more homey and feels more like your own space since you are responsible for it through the rent, cleaning, etc. – Edwards
  • You can make your own food – Gold


  • Adult life (you have to buy groceries and deal with issues like bugs and utilities) – Livschitz
  • There are mean landlords – Livschitz
  • Can be a bit more expensive
    – Cynthia Ceja, fourth-year political science student
  • Utilities are not always included in rent so that cost varies every month – Ceja
  • Often no air-conditioning or heating – Ceja
  • Elevators can be slow – Ceja
  • Parking is limited – Ceja
  • Most antisocial – Freed
  • You have to make your own food – Freed
  • You have to pay bills – Gold
  • Can be noisy – Gold


University apartments

Daily Bruin file photo
(Daily Bruin file photo)


  • You have a contract with UCLA housing – Ceja
  • You don’t have to worry about your other roommates not paying rent – Ceja
  • All utilities and Internet are included – Ceja
  • There is plenty of parking that just costs a bit extra – Ceja
  • The rooms are pretty spacious – Ceja
  • All the furniture and appliances are included – Ceja


  • The hallways smell – Ceja
  • The Internet is super slow – Ceja
  • You can’t pick roommates (but can request certain roommates) – Ceja
  • All roommates have to be the same gender – Ceja
  • Mail is always getting stolen – Ceja


Greek housing


Daily Bruin file photo
(Daily Bruin file photo)


  • You live with all your best friends – Freed
  • You get to know everyone in the house super well – Freed
  • You have a chef and a housekeeper – Freed
  • Really close to campus – Nolte
  • You become very close with your roommates – Medeiros
  • Minimal fighting – Medeiros
  • The food is really good – Medeiros
  • Single rooms have privacy – Medeiros
  • If I feel lonely I can head downstairs and see all my friends that are watching TV on the couch or doing a workout vid in the living room – Medeiros


  • Sometimes difficult to get alone time – Nolte
  • Not close to Hill swipes – Nolte
  • Far from frat side/parties – Nolte
  • Bigger shared rooms are constantly cluttered with clothes and hair dryers and costumes and books – Medeiros
  • We all basically had to share everything because we didn’t know what was whose – Medeiros
  • There is much less selection for food – Medeiros
  • Enforced meal times – Medeiros
  • Friends/boyfriends can’t visit as much as you want them to – Medeiros



Daily Bruin file photo
(Daily Bruin file photo)


  • Close to campus
    – Jake Benowitz, third-year microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics student
  • Relatively cheaper – Benowitz
  • FUN – Benowitz
  • You have a chef/food service – Benowitz
  • You are surrounded by people who already know and love you – Campbell


  • Dirty all the time – Benowitz
  • No peace/quiet – Benowitz
  • Hard to study – Benowitz
  • Inevitably you will have to clean up other people’s messes, whether it be brothers’ or random people’s – Campbell



Daily Bruin file photo
(Daily Bruin file photo)


  • I get to see my family every day – Kristine Azatyan, first-year psychobiology student
  • Homemade food – Azatyan
  • More space at home than in the dorms – Azatyan
  • No communal bathrooms – Azatyan
  • Saves money – Azatyan


  • Ridiculous traffic – Azatyan
  • I don’t spend as much time peer studying and making connections with others – Azatyan
  • I don’t participate in a lot of school events and clubs – Azatyan
  • I spend a lot of money on gas and buying food – Azatyan


Where are you living next year? Tweet us @dbmojo or tell us in the comments!

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Consent Week: A Midweek Round-up

Second-year economics student and former Daily Bruin staffer Alex Torpey speaks at the Wednesday night event. (Manvel Kapukchyan/Daily Bruin)
Second-year economics student and former Daily Bruin staffer Alex Torpey speaks at the Wednesday night event. (Manvel Kapukchyan/Daily Bruin)

This week marks the second annual Consent Week, a program organized by Student Wellness Commission (SWC)’s 7000 in Solidarity to spread awareness about sexual and gender-based violence.

This year’s Consent Week is almost over, but the Facebook event still shows some events for Thursday and Friday, and the “Man Up?” photography exhibit will still be on display until Saturday as well. For those of you that couldn’t make it, or weren’t aware, here’s a roundup of information, ideas and facts from the past events for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Also, tabling events have had freebies (water bottles and T-shirts) for participation in their activities, so look out for those!

MAIN FOCUS: Realizing the intersecting nature between specific communities and gender-based violence, presented by Chrissy Keenan, co-director of Bruin Consent Coalition (BCC).

  • Males feel societally pressured to suppress their emotions, and their experiences of sexual assault and violence are invalidated, said Katharine Lee, third-year microbiology, immunology and molecular genetics student and a member of BCC.
  • Sexual assault and ancestrally rooted attitudes of repression towards sexuality in South Asian communities need to be changed to combat sexual violence and negative attitudes toward sexual assault survivors both in the United States and South Asia, said Ria Jain, a second-year molecular, cell developmental biology student and a member of BCC.
  • The experiences of people of color and undocumented individuals in regards to sexual assault are unique because of the struggles they face in being able to report or acknowledge sexual assault, Jain said.
  • Safe spaces, open minds and understanding are needed for survivors to discuss and heal from traumas, Jain said.
  • Male survivors of sexual assault are important and should be validated. Media depictions and societal ridicule of male sexual assault victims need to be corrected, said Vikas Rajgopal, second-year business economics student.
  • Difference between confidential (Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Legal Services, Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center) and non-confidential reporting sources (UCPD, Title IX office, Dean of Students): If a sexual assault victim is unsure of whether she or he wants to report their assault, they should seek confidential reporting sources. If they would like to pursue legal action, non-confidential reporting sources are necessary, Lee said.
  • Donate to the Leelah Project, a project in memory of Leelah Alcorn, a teenager who committed suicide after years of lack of support in assuming a female gender identity from her parents, Lee said.
  • According to a poster made by BCC, there are higher rates of sexual violence among LGBT communities, and LGBT communities may be more reluctant to speak about their experiences.

Jennifer Hu / Daily Bruin

If you can, swing by the remaining Consent Week events on campus, which focus on gender representation and the media, or check out the “Man Up?” photography exhibit while you can. And if you aren’t able to, take this roundup to heart, and remember:  Consent is sexy.

Compiled by Arushi Tainwala and Kelly Yeo

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