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Nine Reasons Aahs!! is Your New Favorite Convenience Store

Located in the middle of Westwood Village, Aahs!! The Ultimate Gift Store is where many students find themselves in before costume parties or birthdays. This store is basically the Costco (minus the wholesale part) version of gift stores. You can find everything from everyday necessities like utensils, stationery and clothing items to random hoarding objects like heart-shaped rocks, finger puppets and glow-in-the-dark test tubes. Here are nine reasons why this superstore is your new favorite convenient store, despite its initial black hole impression.

Don’t believe us? Just watch (read).

1. You won’t ever have to awkwardly speak your mind. 


… because these socks are doing the job for you. It’s even aided with visuals – a small child with a magical white horse in a field of flowers!

2. You’ll become dark and mysterious.


Have a dinner date at home? Bring out these suckers and you’ll have your date hooked. It’s basically stated in the instructions manual. It’ll be a great conversation starter or a quirky conversational transition: “Will you pass the white doll head please?”

3. You’ll become a romantic over night. 


These three words have been idolized in society and especially Hollywood as being a big part of relationships. They mark your acceptance of not only your partner but also of yourself. This saying isn’t thrown around lightly, and that’s exactly why Aahs!! is here to help. Here’s a toast to your future endeavors!

4. Aahs!! is a fan of bacon. 


If you don’t use bacon-flavored toothpicks after a residual meal, you’re doing life wrong.

5. It endorses adult throw blankets. 


Aahs!! is here to provide what Snuggies never could do. Spiderman-print adult blanket throws. BRB – planning a Marvel Snuggie party.

6. You’ll be able to be a cat.* 


*Magical cat with blue, starry eyes. This sleeping mask is for all the cat people out there.

7. You’ll be trendy. Jane Austen-trendy.


Everyone has gone through that mid-life crisis-esque situation where they can’t decide whether to get a “Mr. Darcy” tattoo or a silhouette of Jane Austen on their lower back. Don’t fret! Aahs!! has been incredibly considerate and provided these in stock. Good thing these tattoos are temporary so you don’t have to #commit. Your dreams have come true. You can finally have Austen’s favorite word, “imprudent,” and Mr. Darcy’s hat tattooed on your back.

8. No, like super trendy. 


This gal is a Renaissance woman. From tattoos to Band-Aids, I personally would like to declare Jane Austen as my “woman-crush Wednesday.”

9. You’ll be the coolest kid on the block. 


When was the last time you saw these on stands? Yeah, never. This is possibly the coolest item created ever since Ziploc bags. With this in your dorm, your floormates and RAs will be begging to hang out with you. Better start penciling in all those play dates!

Have another reason why Aahs!! is the best? Comment below or Tweet us at @dbmojo!


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Office Hours

The Paper Process

The quarter is coming to its final weeks, you’re feeling good because midterm season is winding down, and BAM: The professor drops the dreaded words, “Your paper will be due in two weeks.”  You sink a little in your chair thinking about the six pages that you will, no matter how badly you don’t want to, eventually write.  Everyone has been there, so don’t feel alone. Here are the relatable steps of the grueling paper writing process:

Step 1: Denial

The paper gets assigned and you cringe; this is going to throw your stress-free plans for a loop. But, you shove the assignment sheet into your bag and push it to the back of your mind. “That’s so far in the future,” you think. “I have so much time, it’s all good.”

Step 2: Realization

About two to three days later, you finally realize the implications of this dreaded assignment. Your next week flashes before your eyes: hours at the computer, writer’s block, probably some tears and definitely a loss of sleep.

Step 3: Procrastination

But, nonetheless, you still decide there is all the time in the world to write this paper. I mean you still have 10 days; what’s the fuss about? So, you watch an entire season of “How I Met Your Mother,” have a Harry Potter marathon, pretend you’re as good a dancer as Beyonce, do anything you can think of … except your paper.

Step 4: The “One Week Left” Freak Out

Then finally after your week of blissful ignorance, you find the assignment sheet and have the classic “one week left” moment of panic.  You can’t help but feel stupid for not thinking about the assignment at all.  So you finally take a moment to look at the assignment prompt and do an outline of the paper.

Step 5: More Procrastination

You feel better about yourself for writing that outline, so you reward yourself with EVEN MORE procrastinating time.  AKA reruns of your favorite shows on Netflix.

Step 6: The Struggle

You get down to business finally when you’re three days out from the due date.  Your brain just doesn’t seem to work, but you still force yourself to sit there trying, just so you can say that you tried.

Step 7: The Intensely Motivated Stage

Two days to go. Enough said.

Step 8: Proof Reading and Complete Exhaustion

At this point, your paper is written, you’re exhausted, you’re on the 24-hour countdown and it’s a matter of perfecting those pesky citations and checking to make sure you sounded literate when you were on a roll (see step 7).  You gotta push through and get that paper perfected, which calls for a lot of caffeine.

Step 9: Celebration & Relief

After weeks of hardships and stress, you have done it!  You’ve conquered the battle of the paper.  This calls for celebratory dance and a sigh of relief.

Step 10: The Promise to Never Procrastinate Ever Again

…LOL, it so will happen again.


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The Health Nut’s Guide to Homemade Snacking

We have all had those long nights starving in Powell, wishing that our backpack full of textbooks would turn into a backpack full of snacks. Even worse is that moment of disappointment when the person in line in front of you at the YRL’s Cafe 451 snags the last bagel. How about the frustration you feel toward eating the same type of cereal 23 mornings in a row?

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes that are easy to prepare for over the weekend and enjoy throughout the week.  All of them are very healthy and make perfect snacks that can even be enjoyed on the go so you don’t have to waste your time, money or hard work at the gym on options (or lack thereof) when you’re in a hurry and running between classes. The best part is that all of the following recipes can be modified to your liking, so it’s hard to mess them up. Most of the ingredients can be found right here in Westwood at Trader Joe’s, Ralphs or Whole Foods.


Date and Nut Protein Bar

2 cups dates (pitted)

2 cups cashews

1/2 cup almonds

1/2 cup shredded coconut

2 tablespoons vanilla extract

2 tablespoons chia or flax seeds

2 tablespoons cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips

3 tablespoons cocoa powder (optional)

2 tablespoons water

Use a food processor or a heavy-duty blender to crush the almonds and cashews, then add in dates, coconut, cocoa, vanilla and water. Once the mix is a malleable consistency, add in the nibs or chocolate chips, chia or flax and knead in with a fork. Press the mix into a square or rectangular pan and refrigerate. After it hardens, cut it up into bars and enjoy!




Homemade Acai Bowl

1/2 banana (frozen is best)

1 acai packet

1 handful of frozen berries

1/4 cup liquid (coconut water, almond milk)


Berries or fruit of choice

In a blender, add the packet, banana, berries or other fruit (frozen or fresh) and your liquid. Since I didn’t have any frozen bananas, I used a regular one and added in a couple ice cubes and some extra frozen fruit, but the frozen banana will definitely improve the consistency. Once blended, transfer the contents into a bowl and add your preferred toppings, such as granola (see recipe above), berries, the other half of the banana and some honey or agave to top it off.




Salad in a Jar

1 handful kale

1 tablespoon sunflower seeds

1/4 cup quinoa (prepared kind with veggies from TJ’s is my favorite)

2 tablespoons dressing of choice (Balsamic)

You can basically do whatever you want with this as long as you layer it right. You can also make a few of these jars and keep them in your fridge to have enough salads on the go to last you a couple of days. Make sure your dressing goes at the bottom, followed by the quinoa and dry ingredients like seeds or nuts, then the veggies, topped with the lettuce of your choice.




Egg Soufflé

2 whole eggs

Splash of egg whites (or another egg)

2 tablespoons of almond milk (unsweetened)

1 Laughing Cow slice

Salt and pepper

A little kale, zucchini and chopped onion

In a small, but deep pan or dish, mix the eggs, cheese, almond milk, salt and pepper together for a minute. Add in the vegetables and mix them in so that the contents are evenly distributed. Place the pan or dish in the oven at 300 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes or until the top of the quiche begins to look crispy. The same process can be done in a muffin pan for individual soufflés that make an excellent on-the-go breakfast.




Be sure to tweet @dbmojo if you try any of these!

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Throwback Thursday: February 26, 2003

Daily Bruin archives
Daily Bruin archives

Twelve years ago today, The Daily Bruin published a story about an MCD (molecular, cell and developmental) Bio 40 class, and how its students served the AIDS community. Professor Roger Bohman required his students to serve at community service agencies that benefit AIDS victims, allowing them insight into the topic being discussed through a medium other than textbooks and lectures.

Whatta cool dude amirite?

Looking at this professor’s reviews on really shows how loved he is by students who took this class. According to Joshua Abel, who was a second-year psychology student in 2003, “It gives you real life experience in something to give you a different perspective on the course. You’re not just dealing with paperwork; you’re dealing with something that is very real.”

According to this article, 27,000 students had taken Bohman’s classes, “which translates to a great deal of hours in the community.” UCLA still offers a variety of opportunities for community involvement, so feel free to explore the Volunteer Center’s website if you want to get involved.


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Street Style

Arguably one of the most important fashion events in the world, New York Fashion Week, ended last week. But does the Big Apple really have anything on UCLA? We think not. We spotted some extra stylish students in North Campus this week; check out their spot-on fashion sense.


Name: Janelle Cohen

Year: fourth

Major: theater

Outfit: sweater, jeans and sunglasses  American Apparel; bag  Urban Outfitters; shoes  DSW

Style: “comfortable, girly (except today), eccentric, fun, metallic”



Name: Jesy Odio

Year: fourth

Major: English

Outfit: jumpsuit  Reformation; sweater  H&M; shoes Dr. Martens

Style: “school girl”



Name: Laurel Gregory

Year:  third

Major: anthropology

Outfit: jacket  her friend’s from Lucky Brand; shirt  Goodwill “probably;”  jeans  Urban Outfitters

Style: “thrifty, classic but unique, if that makes sense”


How would you describe your style? Tweet us @dbmojo or comment below.

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