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Food and Dining

Dorm Room Recipe: Breakfast Cookie

IMG_20140414_151557092Finally, the words you’ve been waiting to hear: You can eat a cookie for breakfast! A no-bake, healthy (and delicious) cookie, that is. This recipe is really easy to make in your dorm room or apartment, and is perfect if you’re running late in the morning. You just mix up the dough the night before, press it into cookie shape and refrigerate it overnight.

Oats, nut butter, chia seeds and banana are the perfect satiating combo to give you energy all morning. You’ll start your day off on a healthy foot, while still getting to eat a massive cookie. Plus, you can throw in whatever mix-ins you’d like (chocolate chips, anyone?) and get creative with the toppings. (more…)

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How To: Tips for Studying for a Language Class

Unless you were lucky enough to test out of it, at some point during our time at UCLA we all will have to take a language class. For most majors the requirement is to take at least 3 quarters of a language course, but for others, such as linguistics, it can be as many as 9. A new language can be hard to grasp, especially if you’re like me and can ace the written portion, but get lost on the speaking and listening comprehension. To help make your language-learning experience run smoother, try these tips and you’ll be bilingual in no time. (more…)

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Science & Health

Fitness Friday: Around-Campus Workout

With this Sunday being Easter, it’s only fitting that you go on an Easter egg hunt. But this year, instead of hunting for chocolates, why not do a “workout” hunt? Cheesy as it sounds, this around-campus workout is no joke. It’s the perfect way to mix up your usual running or strength routine. You’ll run to each spot, and perform an exercise there for one minute before moving onto the next spot. (more…)

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Mojo Asks Students

#tbt 5 Students Remember Visiting on Bruin Day

On Saturday, more than 13,000 prospective incoming freshmen and their families will take over UCLA for Bruin Day 2014. Like Bruins before them, they will carry maps, learn 8-claps, take selfies with the Bruin Bear, climb endless stairs, visit the dorms and finally submit their Statement of Intent to Register forms. MOJO celebrates our Baby Bruins with a Throwback Thursday by asking current students to tell us what they remember about visiting on Bruin Day:

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin“I remember going and touching the water in the inverted fountain. And then I guess the superstition is that you’re not supposed to touch it again until you graduate. But I think that I actually have touched it since then. I never think that I’m going to graduate on time anyways because the pre-reqs, the classes, they’re never offered when I need to take them.” – Mark Singerman, third-year linguistics student (more…)

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