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Let’s Talk Coachella: Tip No. 2 Music

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aaand we’re back!

A few weeks ago, Mojo decided to start a little Coachella series where we gather tips from your peers about various topics before the annual festival, which begins on April 10. Since we got the pressing issue of housing out of the way, this week we’re here to talk about music. What? Shocking, I know – but really.

You need to start preparing your music.

In order to maximize your time at Coachella (time is not your friend there), it’s crucial to go into the festival knowing whom you want to see. With over a hundred bands and artists performing, it’s recommended to start discovering soon to truly get a bang for your buck. Jenna Depillo, a second-year business economics student, said that every year she prepares for Coachella by creating a “giant playlist on SoundCloud,” which includes songs from her favorite artists that she hasn’t heard yet and songs from smaller artists on the lineup. She said that “deciding which sets to go to was the hardest thing to do and streamlining it (with SoundCloud) helped a lot.”

SoundCloud is a great medium to aggregate songs into your official Coachella playlist, especially if you’re a fan of remixes. Many artists such as Madeon, Odesza and Porter Robinson release unofficial remixes on SoundCloud that usually cannot be found on iTunes or Spotify. Tara Afshar, a first-year linguistics and computer science student agrees and says that since she really likes the smaller bands that play, “SoundCloud is usually how (she’ll) listen and create playlists.” Her favorite artists, all on SoundCloud, include Sylvan Esso, St. Lucia, Kaskade and Kygo.

However, iTunes, Spotify and 8tracks can do what SoundCloud can’t: recommend artists and songs directly based on what you’ve been listening to recently.

Jason Lee, a third-year neuroscience student, says, “Spotify allows (him) to browse at pre-made Coachella 2015 playlists and combine multiple playlists into one. (He’ll) listen to the playlist and delete the songs (he doesn’t) like each day to shrink down the number of artists.”  He also advises to use 8tracks when discovering artists. “8tracks is easy because you can click on one of the thousands of ‘Coachella 2015′ playlists and just randomly skip through each one. 8tracks will link you to a whole different world of similar tracks.” When asked about iTunes, he said, “everyone knows about iTunes, it’s a classic.”

For those who don’t have the patience to sit through playlist after playlist, go on Spotify or iTunes and look up each artist to find his or her most famous songs. Still too much effort? Don’t sweat it; Spotify tracks the most-listened tracks under a single tab so all you have to do is add them to your list. There’s also a “related artists” tab, so if you recognize an artist performing, you can simply add his or her top five songs to listen to later. Although this won’t suffice for those album-appreciative type of people, this technique will help conquer more ground in a shorter time.

But for those who make time like Colette Troughton, a first-year biology student, extreme measures are taken to capitalize on the annual experience by truly preparing. “I’ll mitigate my social outgoings and spend more time in my room learning lyrics, creating new dance moves and calculating exactly when the bass drops so I know I’ll be ready for it when the DJs are throwing it down in the Sahara tent,” she said. Mojo asked her what artists she’s looking forward to seeing the most and she emphasized “AC/DC and Steely Dan – in my past life I thrived as a middle-aged man who loved rock ‘n’ roll.”

To make things a tad bit easier, Mojo has created a small playlist to get you started. Jenna, Jason, Colette, Tara and Mojo’s favorite songs are added to the playlist below, so make sure to check it out!

It all begins in T-7 weeks, but who’s counting?

photo credits to Daily Bruin photo archive

Certainly not these kids.

Comment below or tweet us at @dbmojo to offer some music suggestions!

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Experiencing Chinese New Year: UCLA and Beyond

As you might already know, Chinese New Year, otherwise known as the Lunar New Year, is on Thursday, Feb. 19. The holiday is an opportunity to usher in prosperity, good fortune, good health and happiness with the coming new year. For those of you who want to ring in the “Year of the Ram” with friends, there are a few places to celebrate, both on campus and in the greater Los Angeles area. From traditional food to firecrackers – and everything in between – here are a few events to check out within the next week.

On Campus:

Feast at Rieber: Lunar New Year Celebration

What: Feast is planning a themed menu especially for this holiday. Enjoy traditional Chinese cuisine with special features including an appearance by ACA’s Chinese Lion Dance troupe.

When: Feb. 19, in the evening


Chinese New Year Paintings at the UCLA East Asian Library

What: Come see a selection of 22 Chinese New Year paintings on display for a limited time only that have been donated by the Shanghai Library, a partner of the UCLA Library.

When: Feb. 4 at 8 a.m. to March 4 at 11 p.m.


In Los Angeles:

Golden Dragon Parade and Chinese New Year Festival

What: Come on down for the 115th annual Chinese New Year parade and festival in downtown Chinatown that includes entertainment such as kung fu exhibitions, food trucks, pingpong, traditional Chinese paper folding, face painting and more. This event is free and open to all!

Where: Chinatown

When: Feb. 21 at 1 p.m.


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Arts & EntertainmentCulture

February Favorites: LA Fairs, Fests and Festivals

credits to the Daily Bruin photo archive

It seems that the sun has decided to grace us with its beamy presence over the last few days and hopefully it’ll stay that way. Students are busting out those summer shorts (they were never really gone) and the shades are back. Los Angeles is beginning to look like itself again and you know what that means: fairs, fests and festivals.

There will be lots of interesting and quirky events in Los Angeles in the future, but here are some FREE events you can go to this month!

L.A. Zine Fest (Feb. 15)

Perfect for those in need of a break from the computer screen, the L.A. Zine Fest celebrates self publishing and do-it-yourself magazines in the community. More than 180 writers, comic illustrators, photographers and artists from across the country are coming to display, sell or exchange their work. This fest also offers free workshops with speakers to promote the sharing of literary ideas.

Golden Dragon Parade and Chinese New Year Festival (Feb. 21)

photo credit to the Daily Bruin photo archive

Although it’s the year of the goat, the golden dragon parade will be continuing it’s 116th (yes, 116 – it’s one of Los Angeles’ oldest traditions) annual two-day celebration in Chinatown. This year, the festival is going for a “east meets west” theme as new food trucks, musicians, and dancers will be present. However, the traditional dancing acts and Chinese beer gardens will still be there for those who missed it last year. For those tight on time, the famous golden dragon parade will be held on Saturday, Feb. 21 at 1 p.m.

Artists and Fleas (Feb. 21-22)

Here you can find vintage collectables ranging from flannels to small potted plants, as well as new up-and-coming artists and musicians in the neighborhood. In addition, food trucks and DJs will be around to provide options to just relax and walk around. Artists from around Los Angeles will be coming to display their artwork and designs for everyone to see. An afternoon spent submerged in vintage finds is always an afternoon well spent.

Know of any other events going on in L.A. this month? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us at @dbmojo.


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Science & Health

Places to Avoid On Campus On Friday the 13th

The unluckiest day in history has arrived. It’s the first Friday the 13th of 2015 and if you believe in superstitions, you’d better be on the look out today while on campus to avoid any stray black cats, cracks in the sidewalk or pesky ladders. Not a believer? Well, according to a study by the North Carolina Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute, an estimated 17 to 21 million people are affected by friggatriskaidekaphobia, an intense fear of Friday the 13th. So it’s a pretty big deal.

In lieu of this feared day, we have compiled a list of places to avoid on campus to ensure your survival. Good luck!

1. The sixth step of Janss Steps

We have all heard the myth during our freshmen orientation that one of the Janss brothers is buried beneath the sixth step leading up to Royce Hall, but maybe today isn’t the day to test your luck. Better to be safe than sorry, so skip the step.

2. The Inverted Fountain

It’s basically already a written rule that touching the water of the inverted fountain before graduation dooms you to an extra year of school. Combine that with Friday the 13th, and I don’t even want to think about the consequences.

3. Any construction zones

UCLA. Under construction like always. If you see any warning signs of “sidewalk closed” or “caution: slippery,” you’d best find another way to get to where you need to go.

4. The computer labs

In a hurry to print your paper before class starts? Friendly tip: Go early. Knowing this mischievous day, printers are going to break down, toner is going to disappear and you are going to be stuck waiting for someone to finish printing every slide of every lecture for the quarter.

5. Kerckhoff Coffeehouse

It’s the classic movie scene when you’re dressed up all nice, grabbing coffee before a big job interview, and all of a sudden the girl next to you trips over thin air and spills her entire coffee on you. Every boiling drop.

6. The treadmill

Trying to look cute and smiling at your crush while running at faster-than-walking speed is basically just asking for Friday the 13th to mess you up.


There you have it! Just a few places you probably should be careful around on this unlucky day. We will have two more Friday the 13th’s in 2015, again in March and November, so if you survived this one, good luck making it through the next two!

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