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5 Ways to Survive Thanksgiving Travel

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and to be surrounded by family, friends and food. Should we all just take a moment to appreciate eating bottomless amounts of turkey and pumpkin pie without worrying about conserving swipes? As great as this all sounds, the only way we will be able to completely enjoy this magnificent holiday is first by traveling home. Dealing with the masses of people also attempting to get home for the holiday can really test your patience. Whether you’re driving home, taking public transportation or flying like me, here are five tips for surviving the treacherous travel home.
1. Confirm Your Travel Plans
OK, now I know this one sounds obvious, but with how hectic it is to pack for your trip, it can be very easy to let the confirmation of travel plans slip your mind. Set a reminder on your phone to go off (at least) one day before your drive or flight so you remember to call and make sure that ticket is still yours. If you’re flying, checking in early is especially helpful because you can usually reserve a seat closer to the front of the plane. You’ll definitely be one of the cool kids when they call everyone up to board.
2. Bring Food 
No matter what you eat before leaving for your trip, you will get hungry on your way. Being hungry leads to being irritated, and that’s not the first impression you want to make when you get home to your family. I recommend taking a quick stop at Target here in Westwood and grabbing everything in sight. Consider it practice for your Thanksgiving dinner.
Phone, iPad, laptop, extra battery pack. Sure, you brought books to read and homework to do, but we all know catching up on your Netflix show and scrolling through your Tumblr dash is all that you will get done. Do yourself a favor and charge everything, because there is nothing worse than seeing a dead battery icon.
4. Look for Travel Deals
If you haven’t set up your travel plans yet, hurry! There are many deals that happen for Thanksgiving travel, but there are also outrageous prices since companies know you have no other choice. Fortunately, UCLA Transportation is even offering a deal from the Hill to LAX for just $5, which also includes a ride from Lot 32 after you take a Flyaway when you get back. It’s a great alternative to Uber and Lyft, and taking the bus with a bunch of other students excited to visit home can’t be too bad either.

5. Pack Lightly
Speaking of deals, we all know what happens the day after Thanksgiving. There is nothing that truly sums up the hysteria of the holiday season than Black Friday. You can turn it into a bonding event as you and your family defend each other against the masses of people also trying to score a deal. If you’re planning to spend all the money you don’t have on clothes, that coincidentally aren’t that cheap even on sale, make sure you at least have room in your suitcase to haul them back to UCLA. It’s okay, we won’t judge. Pre-shopping planning is just a sign of good preparation (or that’s what we shopping addicts like to say).
Just remember Thanksgiving is all about enjoying your time with your loved ones and being thankful for everything you have. Keep that in mind if travel-induced stress ever gets into your head.
 If you have any other travel suggestions, let us know in the comments.

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The Secret Menu At Jamba Juice

It was a normal Monday afternoon. I walked into Jamba Juice and was minding my own business, next in line, ready to order my usual medium Razzmatazz with an Energy Boost. My whole life was content, then all of a sudden, I look up at the menu and I see that everything has changed. There were new flavors, Acai Bowls (whatever that is), and everything was rearranged. A rush of panic ran over me and I began to contemplate my entire life. Am I too basic for never trying anything new in my life? Is the cashier judging me for ordering the same thing my entire three years here?

Well, if you are having an existential crisis like me, here is a list of some of the popular drinks on the secret menu at Jamba Juice in case you’re looking to spice up your smoothie life.

Andres Surprise

– Nine ounces of orange juice

– One ounce of raspberry juice

– Two scoops of orange sherbet

– One scoop of pineapple sherbet

– Mangoes and peaches

Gummy Bear (Red)

– Six ounces of raspberry juice

– Four ounces soy milk

– A scoop each of lime, raspberry, orange and pineapple sherbet

– One scoop of strawberries

Berry Lime Sublime

– Twelve ounces of raspberry juice

– Nine ounces of orange juice

– One scoop each of strawberries and raspberries

– Two scoops of raspberry sherbet

Dream Machine (Lemon)

– Six ounces lemonade

– Six ounces soy milk

– A scoop of lime sherbet and frozen yogurt, blended with ice

Gummy Bear (Green)

– Eight ounces of lemonade

– Two ounces of soy milk

– A scoop of pineapple sherbet

– A scoop of peaches

– Three scoops of lime sherbet

– Ice

Orange Whip

– Twelve ounces of orange juice

– One scoop of orange sherbet

– One scoop frozen yogurt

– Ice

Orchard Oasis

– Twelve ounces peach juice

– A scoop of pineapple sherbet

– Blueberries and strawberries, blended with ice

Pina Colada

– Twelve ounces pineapple juice

– A little coconut

– A scoop each of pineapple sherbet, frozen yogurt and bananas

– Ice

Pink Starburst

– Six ounces lemonade

– Six ounces soy milk

– A scoop respectively of raspberry sherbet, plain sherbet and frozen yogurt

– Two scoops strawberries

– Ice


– Twelve ounces lemonade

– A scoop respectively of lime sherbet, frozen yogurt and strawberries

Sour Patch Kids

– Twelve ounces of lemonade

– A scoop of lime, orange, pineapple, and raspberry sherbet

– A scoop of blueberries

Tropical Awakening

– Twelve ounces of passion-mango juice

– A scoop each of mangoes and bananas

– Ice


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Food and Dining

6 Ways to Save Money on Food

We are all on a tight budget, and food seems much more expensive when our parents aren’t paying for it. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can save some dolla billz while still giving your body proper nutrition.



1. Get free meal vouchers from the Student Activities Center

You read that right. You are entitled to five meal vouchers for the dining halls throughout your UCLA career. Simply sign up at the Student Activities Center and pick up your meal voucher according to the following schedule:



2. Take advantage of your friends’ swipes and Greek chapter houses


The downside of living in an apartment is the distinct lack of catering. On the bright side, most of your friends in dorms, fraternities and sororities do have access to delicious food that they will be thrilled to share with you.


3. Check out the UCLA food closet

The UCLA Community Programs Office Food Closet, also located in the Student Activities Center, is a donation-based resource for hungry students. Anyone can take items from (or give items to) the food closet and never skip a meal again!


4. Get those free samples


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Whether it’s a strange new granola bar from a promotional stand or good ol’ orange chicken from Panda Express, free food samples can go a long way.


5. Fill out a survey

Speaking of Panda Express, if you fill out a quick satisfaction survey after your visit to the restaurant, you will get one free entree item with a two-entree combo. Be sure to look out for other similar deals as well.


6. Attend club info meetings


Okay, free Diddy Riese cookies and/or pizza are probably not the best reason to attend a club’s info session, but on the other hand, free Diddy Riese cookies and/or pizza are pretty great. Besides, you will probably learn something valuable and want to get further involved with the food organization, so everybody wins.

Do you have any tips and tricks to save money on food? Share them with us by tweeting @dbmojo or commenting below.

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Science & Health

5 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

5 ways to use apple cider vinegar

The first questions that probably popped in your head when reading this blog post title: What is apple cider vinegar, and why should I use it?

What is apple cider vinegar? It’s made from crushed apples that are fermented to make alcohol, which is then fermented again to make the vinegar.

Why should I use it? First things first, you can use it for a whole slew of different things, and one bottle only costs around $3. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has gotten quite the buzz in the health world recently for its antioxidant content and supposed benefits for your digestive system and skin. ACV also contains iron, calcium and potassium, and in addition to health use, it can also be used as a cleaning product.

When purchasing apple cider vinegar, you want to look for raw, unfiltered ACV with “the mother” (the strand-like cloudy stuff that is actually enzymes of connected protein molecules), which you can find at most grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market.

Here are a few ways to use ACV:

  1. Make a natural toner. Mix two parts water with one part apple cider vinegar to make a natural pore-cleansing toner that will help reduce breakouts. You can store it in a travel-sized reusable lotion bottle (available in the dollar section at Target), and dab some on a cotton ball to use on your face.
  2. Mix up a healthy morning cocktail by combining one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with half of a freshly squeezed lemon, four ounces orange juice and four ounces of water. You can get creative with this and add different types of juice to change the flavor. You can also freeze berries in ice cubes to add to your drink for a little more fun and flavor.
  3. Help remove buildup of hair products by using a few tablespoons of a one-to-one mixture of ACV and water in your hair after you shampoo. It’ll make your hair smoother and shinier.
  4. Make an all-purpose cleaner. Just mix up equal parts ACV and water, pour in a spray bottle, and use as a disinfectant in your apartment.
  5. Use it as a produce wash. Combine 1/4 teaspoon ACV with 1 cup of water and store in a container for washing fruits and veggies. The vinegar will help rinse off all the dirt and pesticides that can be found on your produce.

Have you ever used apple cider vinegar before? Tweet us @dbmojo or leave a comment below!

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Arts & Entertainment

Netflix Classics for the Holidays

Amid the excitement of Thanksgiving (I’m talking about gravy, pecan pie and naps), we must face the inevitable: dinner with the family. Don’t get me wrong, cooking with my mom and talking politics with my grandparents are activities I genuinely enjoy; however, there is always that lull in my Thanksgiving break when I’m placed at the kids table and awkwardly forced to create conversation with my second cousin twice removed who only wants to pet the cat in the corner. Thus, I’ve created a list of classic movies – a plan B for your unsuccessful attempt at conversation – that you and your unfamiliar family member can watch together at the easy expense of Netflix during the holidays.

1. The Great Gatsby (1974)


Here’s a conversation starter: Bring up how Robert Redford is a better Gatsby than Leonardo DiCaprio. This older (and better) version of the widely acclaimed love story is great for the holidays because 1) it’s a nice break from the firework-extravagant 2013 version, and 2) the movie raises the importance of the eternal themes of loyalty and love, something you and your awkward cousin can intelligently converse about.


2. Roman Holiday


Yes, Audrey Hepburn makes any movie a classic, but no, this is not “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” This holiday classic is fun and not your average romantic comedy. Why, you ask? Because this movie is the ultimate romantic comedy of the romantic comedies. By watching this, you are witnessing the breakthrough of romantic humor, historical settings and classic beauty of cinema during the 1950s.


3. Rudy


This movie will make your dad, who has a heart of steel, feel emotions he’s never felt before. Some people will say that this movie is the epitome of cliché in how a protagonist perseveres against all odds and ends up achieving all his impossible goals *surprise*. Yes, I 100 percent agree that this story is so cliché, and maybe that’s why 21 years later, it still tops the charts.


4. Forrest Gump


Before you comment on how many times you’ve watched this movie, just revel for a second in how awesome this movie is. Awesome as in, every time you watch it, you discover a new quote to live by and catch yourself crying when Forrest realizes he has a son. (Every. Time.) With your third serving plate, a slice of pumpkin pie and your tissue box, you’re basically set for this Thanksgiving weekend.


5. Annie Hall


Let’s just start off by saying that this movie beat “Star Wars” in the 1978 Oscars for best picture. Yes, “Star Wars.” I’d like to think that the case was because this movie was one of the first to introduce reality and believability during a time of embellished cinematic romance and fiction. It’s very real, not sappy and extremely witty. It takes a couple of watches to catch all the cultural references, but boy, once you get them, you just feel cool. To make a fun holiday activity out of it, see which family member is the hippest of all and can get the most references.


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