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End of the Quarter Clean-Out


If you are reading this right now, there is high chance you have collected way more papers, books and tests this past year than you can comprehend. Don’t lie, you still have a syllabus you got in week one of fall quarter. Now that it’s getting close to summer, it’s time to stop being a hoarder and do an end-of-the-quarter clean-out. Here’s what you’ll need to keep and what you can throw out.


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Food and Dining

Food For Thought: A Diet That Will Help You Ace Your Finals

So you finally figured out how to calculate Taylor Series Expansions. You can recite Vergil in your sleep. But your performance on your final exams depends on more than whether or not you managed to cram well the night before: What you eat while you’re studying before your exam can have significant impact on your performance.

While You’re Studying

Focusing on less exciting topics like abstract algebra and verb conjugations can make anyone willing to brave the devil’s stairs by Café 1919 and swipe for gelato. Anything to sweeten that study session up, right?

Hold it. Put down that Bruin Card.

This is the time for nutritious snacks, which should be some combination of all three macronutrients: protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Whole-grain toast with almond-cashew butter from B-Plate, coupled with a bowl of low-fat greek yogurt would be a fabulous choice.


You were going to use a swipe anyways, right? These munchies, unlike your anticipated bowl of sugary noms, will keep you energized and on-task. (more…)

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Campus news

Study Spots for the Outdoorsy #STL

The dudes from the MTV show “Jersey Shore” coined the term “GTL.” But given that it’s ninth week and finals are just around the corner, at UCLA we drop the gym and the laundry and substitute it with studying and learning. And that, my friends, is how #STL was born. (Yes, it’s a thing.)

This time of the year, the hill by Janss Steps and Kerckhoff patio get all of the love from those who like to avoid studying indoors. So for those of you who also prefer to enjoy the L.A. sunshine but would actually like to find a place to sit, here are nine outdoor study spots at UCLA where you can live up to the “study, tan, learn” motto. Ditch the library, leave your room and study in the great outdoors.

1. The Bombshelter 


This place is officially called the Court of Sciences Student Center, but let’s be real, no one calls it that. The Bombshelter is one of the most highly underrated areas on campus. Plenty of outdoor seating and unlimited access to food make it the ideal place to study. Grab your course readers, devour a Subway sandwich and soak up some knowledge in the sun.


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Things To Do With Your Floormates Before You Leave

Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin


Cue Vitamin C’s “Graduation (Friends Forever).”

Of all the things to miss about UCLA over the summer, I’ll definitely miss my friends the most. Living on the Hill gives us the opportunity to meet tons of new people, and some of our closest friendships have come from hanging out with the people on our floors. Before we all disperse for summer and get new neighbors next year, get together with your floormates and have some fun for the last time.

Go out to dinner

Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin

Whether you dress up and go out on the town or just hang in sweats eating Rendezvous, have a last meal together to reminisce on your fun times during the year.

Play games

Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin

Throw it back to the beginning of the year when you all did awkward icebreakers and played card games. It’ll be a great way to relieve stress before your finals and you can get a last laugh in with your friends.

Bond over the stress of finals

Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin

Speaking of finals, you can all suffer together while you study for the last time before you’re free for the summer.

Go to the last building and floor events

Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin

This will be especially nice for your RAs who have put together all of the fun projects and events for you and your floormates throughout the year. ORL will be putting on some final events for the year so make sure you attend for your floor and building (or just get free snacks from the Food For Finals program).

Take plenty of pictures

Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin

Stock up for future #tbt’s and take pictures with all of your favorite people.

Have a party in the lounge

Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin

Go out with a bang! Stock up on balloons, snacks and games and have some fun.

How are you saying goodbye to your floormates? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @dbmojo.


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