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Questions We Want Answered in Season Two of ‘Orange Is the New Black’

The time has come; season two of “Orange Is the New Black” has been officially released on Netflix. (YAAAAAAASSS.) If you happened to have binge-watched all 13 episodes from the first season, I’m sure several questions came to mind as you became emotionally invested in the lives and stories of every single character on the show – questions that were left unanswered and made waiting for the second season an excruciating process. (I’m talking extremely painful.)

Ending with a big cliffhanger, season one of OITNB left so many of us speechless and thirsty for more. Here are just a few of the questions that came up during the first season that we demand to have answered in season two.

SPOILER ALERT: If you are not an avid fan of OITNB or don’t even know what I mean by “OITNB,” you might want to watch the show before you continue reading. (more…)

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How To: Do Biz Casual Like A Pro

haley As you prepare for post graduation job or summer internships interviews, often the dress code will be described as “business casual.” This is a confusing label: ‘business’ sounds very formal and professional … and then it is followed by the word ‘casual’?! Is this trick question part of the interview? Instead of panicking and throwing on your old two sizes too small church suit, take a look at these combos put together by a few biz casual experts. (more…)

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4 Easy Ways to Make Money for Summer

Summer. It’s so close that you can taste it. I’m fairly sure most every UCLA student has a host of fun activities planned for Summer 2014. EDC, Hard Summer, a trip overseas, a road trip with old friends, a study abroad program, a dream internship in an new city or town, or just plain old summer class here in good ol’ Westwood  – what do all these activities have in common?



Marceline knows you need that cold, hard cash.

It’s unabashedly clear: All fun is in need of more fun(ds). From those three-too-many Chipotle runs you make a week to that European-exclusive Topshop dress you absolutely must buy while studying abroad, we all have our weaknesses. To offset the deficit of your carefree summer spending, I’ve compiled a list of easy, quick ways to make some money this summer. (more…)

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Tips For Moving Out


It feels surreal, but the end of the school year has approached and summer is just in reach. That also means it is getting closer to the deadline for most students to move out of their current dorm room or apartment. A lot of us are dragging our feet at the thought of it, especially since this is also the time of year where we are at our busiest. As if it isn’t enough to prepare for finals, write lengthy papers, and try to land summer jobs or internships, add packing and moving to the mix. It tends to be a pretty dreaded task, especially when you look around and see the unnecessary amount of extra things you moved in with. But before you stress out too much at the thought of it all, you can get through your move with much less pressure by implementing some simple strategies to ease the load in the overall process.


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Food and Dining

Foodception: Food Within Food Within Food


There are two things in this world that I love more than anything else:

1) Taco Bell nacho cheese
2) Ellen Page movies

I even have this biweekly ritual, every Tuesday and Thursday, where I park in front of the TV and eat $18 worth of Taco Bell while watching the extended director’s cut of “Inception.” This might seem a bit indulgent to some, and medical professionals would probably call it obsessive compulsive, but to me, both represent the perfect actualization of modern American culture.

She’s played so many diverse roles, she’s incredibly humble, and she has the body of work to be considered one of our generation’s best indie actors. And that liquid gold is so decadently salty and spicy and yellow and always piping hot. Taco Bell nacho cheese retains heat better than any substance on Earth. The military needs to weaponize it, immediately.

So I started thinking, why can’t I combine these things? I mean, multimedia entertainment is becoming more and more popular these days, so I should be able to seamlessly combine “Inception” and Taco Bell. But, instead of putting any real thought into it, I just mashed burritos into other burritos and went from there.

Check out these Foodceptions: foods within foods within foods, homie. (more…)

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