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Where to Get Student Discounts


Admit it – you just spent your last five-dollar bill on a half-caff soy mocha latte at Kerckhoff Coffee House. We’ve all been there.

As college students, our budgets are limited. Thankfully, many retailers and services are aware of this and offer student discounts as a result. We’ve compiled the best ones below, so take note and don’t forget your BruinCard! (more…)

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Food and Dining

Back to School Treat: Crunchy Caramel Apple Pie


Fall is officially upon us, bringing cool-weather clothes, a whole new repertoire of warm and hearty recipes and the start of a brand-new school year.

However, our charming days of new, multicolored backpacks, freshly sharpened color pencils and desks with fun, felt-pen name cards are gone, replaced by hundred-dollar textbooks, homework you somehow are already behind on by day one, and professors who assume that their class is the only class you’re taking based on the workload they assign.

Though we no longer get to bring an apple to our teacher on the first day of class, we’re not giving up on the age-old tradition of ringing in the school year with an apple … make that a whole bundle of them!

Get on your roommates’ good side right off the bat with this crunchy caramel apple pie! The crumb topping, caramel sauce and cinnamon-y goodness of the apple filling will knock your socks off!


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Arts & Entertainment

8 Movies Depicting College Life

Casey Bradford / Daily BruinDuring first week, you hopefully don’t have much homework or studying to do besides going over class syllabi and buying some textbooks. This means you have more time to apply for jobs, join clubs, go out to parties, bond with your new roommate… or just watch massive amounts of Netflix.

While you’re cuddled up in your bed with your laptop, so much is going on around campus. Auditions, applications, social events, campus happenings, etc. seem to take up all the hours that are freed up by not having to study. So much is going on that you can never know everything that’s going on. So here are a few films that give you a window into in the lives of college students who refuse to relax.


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A Guide to Seating in a Lecture Hall

Casey Bradford / Daily BruinOne scene from Mean Girls was filmed in my high school, years before I attended, so naturally I consider the movie in most of my life decisions. With a full week of class approaching, it’s time to start determining what type of person you are, and that starts with where you sit in class. While we may not have the savage environment of a high school cafeteria, a UCLA lecture hall says a lot about you: your personality, your favorite Jolly Rancher flavor, your political views, your preference in the J Cole vs. Diggy Simmons feud, and whether or not you wear pink on Wednesdays.


A lecture hall can be split into 6 sectors: a front and back half, with a right, left, and center section in each. We’re only going to focus on the major 4. Let’s start this party off in the best fashion possible, focusing on those who get to class first. (more…)

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