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Travel Study Tips



Personally, I think there is nothing more exciting than an upcoming travel adventure. The anticipation is half the joy of going. However, it can also be really overwhelming to plan all the minute, less exciting details. Overcome the obstacles with these tips: (more…)

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Mojo Asks Students

What Social Media Outlet do UCLA Students Prefer?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogspot … the number of social media outlets that we are tied to seem to be almost infinite at times. With so many different types of social media outlets and so many different ways to share information, we began wondering how UCLA students preferred to share their news. We asked five UCLA students how they would share five different stories and the results were surprisingly uniform.

1. You just got accepted into graduate school. How do you share this news?

jeanette (1)
Jeanette Lemus
Second-year, biology 
“I would choose Facebook because I think it’s more text friendly and I would be able to write a post and people will actually take the time to read it as opposed to Instagram which is more picture-based. I know when I look through my news feed on Instagram, I focus my attention on the picture instead of the caption so I feel like other people will do the same to a post about my acceptance to grad school.” (more…)

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Campus news

Graduation Preparedness Checklist

jobSchool is already stressful enough, but for most experiencing senioritis, all of the wonderfully annoying little details that come with planning graduation are making life even more painful.

Most of us have probably seen the endless social media posts of photos and announcements of graduations from those on the semester system, while the rest of us are still buried in our books, preparing for these last few weeks approaching finals until it is the quarter-system students’ turn to boast and celebrate.

Meanwhile, it is still important for those graduating to stay on top of the last deadlines to be fully prepared for the commencement ceremony. In case you need a checklist or are too swamped to remember what is left, here’s a helping hand so you don’t forget to pick up your guest or honors tickets. (more…)

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Office Hours

Office Hours: Darin DeWitt


This week, I talked to Darin DeWitt, a UCLA lecturer who teaches a class on California politics.

DeWitt received his doctorate in political science from UCLA last June after earning his master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science and attending UCLA as an undergrad. 

What are you working on now?

I do all sorts of fun stuff. Lately, I’m writing a paper on celebrity testimony in Congress. (Laughs.) And I’m in the process of giving every member of Congress a “paparazzi score” to see like, you know, what’s the probability of that person showing up to a committee hearing if there’s a celebrity there? And it’s really crazy ’cause there’s one hearing where it was Joseph Stiglitz, Lawrence Lessig and one other equally famous public intellectual, and one senator showed up. But then George Clooney’s there, and 12 senators show up. And Seth Rogen, I think he got like two to four senators show up, and he said that wasn’t enough? So I’m going to have this thing in this article where I have a measure of “star power,” where I’m gonna be like, “Hey Seth Rogen, if you showed up after your next hit movie in 2014 or whatever, maybe more people would have showed up.” And that’s exactly what I predicted, so this one’s gonna be fun. (more…)

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