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Office Hours

Office Hours: Darin DeWitt


This week, I talked to Darin DeWitt, a UCLA lecturer who teaches a class on California politics.

DeWitt received his doctorate in political science from UCLA last June after earning his master’s degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science and attending UCLA as an undergrad. 

What are you working on now?

I do all sorts of fun stuff. Lately, I’m writing a paper on celebrity testimony in Congress. (Laughs.) And I’m in the process of giving every member of Congress a “paparazzi score” to see like, you know, what’s the probability of that person showing up to a committee hearing if there’s a celebrity there? And it’s really crazy ’cause there’s one hearing where it was Joseph Stiglitz, Lawrence Lessig and one other equally famous public intellectual, and one senator showed up. But then George Clooney’s there, and 12 senators show up. And Seth Rogen, I think he got like two to four senators show up, and he said that wasn’t enough? So I’m going to have this thing in this article where I have a measure of “star power,” where I’m gonna be like, “Hey Seth Rogen, if you showed up after your next hit movie in 2014 or whatever, maybe more people would have showed up.” And that’s exactly what I predicted, so this one’s gonna be fun. (more…)

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DIY: Make T-Shirts Into Tank Tops

 Jessica Korn / Daily BruinThis wave of heat is getting to be ridiculous. For the past week it hasn’t been below 90 degrees, and we’ve all been tanning, sunburning and sweating to death. To help you keep cool and avoid inevitable pit stains, here are step-by-step directions for cutting your T-shirts into tank tops. (more…)

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Laundry Tips From Mom


This past weekend was quite eventful. In addition to spending time recovering from previous midterms and spending time preparing for upcoming midterms, I also managed to do my laundry … and shrink some of my clothes. Too ashamed to ask my roommate for advice, I turned to Google, which told me to spend my Saturday night sitting in the bathtub, soaking in warm water, while wearing my favorite jeans that I had shrunk to an unimaginable size just hours earlier.

What can I say? Google’s pretty creative. But honestly, most of the advice I received for reviving my clothes back to human size was just way too demanding. So, I caved and called my mom, because up until then, I had pretty much ignored all those little (but actually HUGE) things she had told me about doing laundry before I headed off to college. Hopefully you’ll learn from my mistakes and your clothes won’t have to suffer like mine did (RIP favorite jeans). After all, prevention is key, so here are five laundry tips from mom. (more…)

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UCLA Problems (told in Emojis)

1. Long lines

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin

Whether it’s for Spring Sing tickets, the bus to a football game, or the veggie station at Bruin Plate, we always seem to be waiting in line for something. That’s the problem with having 42,163 people on one campus. If only UCLA had some kind of FASTPASS system like Disneyland. (more…)

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