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5 Life Skills You Acquire As A UCLA Student

Iris Goldsztajn / Daily BruinWe learn a great number of things from our classes, but more importantly, being a UCLA student teaches us the following set of life skills:


1. Patience

UCLA is infamous for its horribly long lines. Whether we’re trying to get our hands on a free ticket from the Central Ticket Office, or we’re just hungry for some good ol’ Rendezvous, chances are at least a few of the other approximately 40,000 students are trying to do the same. Maybe the wait is worth it if we get to see Macklemore perform for free and eat what Business Insider deems the fifth-best college food in the country. 


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Mojo Asks Students

#tbt: My First Username

Next time you complain about how slow the UCLA Wi-Fi is, think about this: We ’90s kids survived the dial-up internet era. Remember this sound? That right there is the sound of childhood. Ten minutes of this scratchy connecting and an excited, “You’ve got mail!” later, you would finally be online.

Back then, anyone who was anyone had an AIM and Myspace account. We tAlKeD lIkE tHiS, spelled the word “cool” k-e-w-l and made our smileys with noses. : – ) However, the true manifestation of our middle school sass and “individuality” was expressed in the form of our usernames. (more…)

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An Ode to the Selfie

Daily Bruin Mojo Staff

How many selfies do you take on an average day? Do you Snapchat, Instagram, tweet them or make them your Facebook profile picture? Do your parents, grandparents and teachers understand your obsession with taking photos of yourself? Do they even know that their cell phone cameras can see both ways? Ladies and gentleman, it is with great pride that I deem our generation masters of the selfie.


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5 Things to Put You in the Thanksgiving Mood

Living in a post-Halloween, “What do I do now” slump? Then jump onto the next holiday bandwagon. As much as I’m sure we’re all ready to wear cozy sweaters and blast our Christmas playlists, we mustn’t forget the most delicious holiday out there: Thanksgiving.

Here are 5 ways to get into the Thanksgiving spirit:

Watch all of the feast scenes in “Harry Potter.”

Not only does Rupert Grint perfectly capture how appreciative we feel about Thanksgiving food, but also the plates at Hogwarts refill themselves. Could you ask for anything better? (more…)

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