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Mojo Asks Students

What’s Your Funny Story?

kianps / Flickr Creative Commons

Humor. Although not something we can all agree on 100 percent, it most certainly brings joy to all of our lives. Such is the spirit of the David Sedaris 6th Annual Humor Writing Contest, a contest by the Student Committee for the Arts inviting UCLA students to submit funny short stories (2,000 words or less). Winners receive tickets to see David Sedaris on June 24, an autographed copy of his latest book,and excerpts from their stories printed in our very own the Daily Bruin. With the deadline for stories coming up soon (extended to May 16), I thought a good way to inspire anyone writing last-minute submissions would be to ask students about their own personal funny stories. Here are some responses to “What’s your funny story?” (more…)

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It’s Gonna Be May Playlist

If you’ve been hearing an overwhelming amount of *NSYNC lately and don’t know why, guess what?

Late April is the best time of year – we get to bring back this 2000s hit just to exploit how Justin Timberlake perfectly captured our excitement for May. To get us in the mood even more for May, check out this playlist full of songs that have to do with the upcoming month.

What’s your favorite song that has to do with May? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @dbmojo.


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Campus news

4 Reasons We Love the Quarter System

The day after tomorrow marks the first day of May, the month that many students on the semester system get to officially call summer. For us, it’s only the middle of the quarter. There will surely be loads of bragging Facebook statuses and endless Instagram uploads with certain hashtags that we will claim are only used to make us quarter kids jealous. But the truth of the matter is, we don’t really have many reasons to be envious of students on the semester system. And because you probably still don’t believe us, here are four reminders of why the quarter system is so great. (more…)

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Food and Dining

14 Restaurants that Charge $5 or Less to Deliver to UCLA

Stephanie Orpilla / Daily Bruin

This week, De Neve dining hall closed for renovation. UCLA Dining sneakily renamed Hedrick dining hall “De Neve at Hedrick,” but we at Mojo know better. Hedrick will always be Hedrick, an unbearable extra four flights of stairs farther up the Hill than good ol’ De Neve. We’ve lost a major food source on the Hill. Last year, Mojo told you about Italian Express and Mr. Noodle, but here are 14 more restaurants that will deliver to you for $5 or less as long as you live within 3 miles of the UCLA perimeter. Hopefully one of these will fill the gaping hole in your stomach that was once satisfied by the exceptional De Neve omelets. (more…)

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Food and Dining

How We Feel About De Neve Closing

A few months ago, we heard that De Neve dining hall would be closing this quarter.

At first, we thought we read the email wrong.

But no, we hadn’t.

The email also said that they would be relocating all De Neve services to Hedrick.

How is that going to work?

De Neve has to be three times the size of Hedrick.

Besides, those stairs are impossible.

And just think of the lines at B-Plate.

We’ll be fighting for food.

It will be terrible.

But are we being too dramatic?

We will be OK.

Until fall, De Neve.

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