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Fitness Friday: Stair Workout

Julianna Foster / Daily BruinWe UCLA students are no strangers to stairs, but have you ever thought about using them for a quick workout? One of the best things about stair workouts is that you can do them pretty much anywhere. In your dorm or apartment building, at the track and even on campus. They’re perfect for adding a little movement to your routine, and you can break them up into small segments that are spread throughout the day if you don’t have time for a full-on workout.

Basically, a stair workout is the perfect workout for finals week. You probably won’t have to leave your building, and you can pick how long you want to go for. (Five to 10 minutes will get your heart rate up and blood pumping for sure.) So next time you need a quick study break, think about getting those legs moving instead of perusing Facebook or Instagram. (more…)

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Mojo Asks Students

The Top 5 Places You’re Going To During Spring Break

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11_Fotor_Collage2

Mojo asked 62 UCLA students where they were headed for spring break. Although they were headed all over the place to eight states, five countries and two continents, a clear top-5 destinations emerged.

1. Home 

It comes as no surprise that the most common spring break destination is home, with a whopping total of 23 people. We’ve never needed to sleep in our own beds, eat home-cooked meals, catch up with old friends and – let’s face it – our Netflix series more than in our current states of exhaustion and brain fry. (more…)

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Arts & Entertainment

5 TV Shows that Tape Near UCLA

As UCLA students, we need to embrace being “so L.A.” Be proud of wearing flip flops every day, being excited to eat kale, and buying something with rhinestones from one of those overpriced doggy boutiques. Even if our lives aren’t actually as glamorous as we lead our Facebook friends to believe, we need to at least keep up the appearance of being “so L.A.” by doing quirky L.A. things. One such activity is attending FREE television tapings. These are a great way to see celebrities, be on TV, get a behind-the-scenes experience of a show, and possibly win some pretty cool prizes. The following shows are just a bus ride (or two) away from UCLA and guaranteed to make your Instagram followers jealous of your super cool life. (more…)

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The Pros and Cons of Friday Finals

finals week

Everyone dreads finals. But what is the the final everyone dreads the most? That would have to be the Friday final. A Friday final means you have to anticipate your test for an entire week and lose extra time that could be tacked on to your spring break. However, if you have a Friday final, do not fret. A Friday final can actually be a good thing. Here are the pros and cons of having a Friday final. (more…)

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Food and Dining

Microwaveable Meals: Breakfast in a Mug

Amy Giroux / Daily Bruin

It’s that time again. Finals week is upon us and with it comes junk food, microwave meals and an unspeakable amount of coffee that might as well be injected intravenously.

It’s no secret that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And let’s be real, this next week we’re going to need all the brainpower and cognitive function we can get.

In a week where putting effort into elaborate meals is next to impossible, here are a few ideas that are quick, healthy and fun to give you something that will make you look forward to waking up for that study grind. Another plus, no pans, spatulas or bowls to wash.

And if you’re hitting a wall in the evening, there’s always “Dessert in a mug” to save the day. Because calories don’t count during finals week. (more…)

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