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#tbt Halloween Edition

Four score and seven years ago, that cat/zombie/superhero/________ costume that you’ll be freezing your buns off in this Halloween was not even a twinkle in your eye. Those were the good ol’ days. Your report card was all +’s and ✓+’s and your biggest worry was getting the extra credit word on your Friday spelling test right.

Back then Halloween was the greatest holiday ever. You got to dress up all fancy in a child’s size small costume, stay out late trick-or-treating house to house and get chocolate wasted. Now what we do is … dress up all fancy in child’s size small costumes, stay out late going house to house and get (chocolate?) wasted. And our biggest worry is whether we’ll actually wake up in time for our midterm Friday. OK, maybe Halloween hasn’t changed all that much, but it’s still awesome. So sit back, relax and chow down all 12 of those pumpkin-shaped cookies your roommate convinced you to buy from Ralphs as we celebrate this Throwback Thursday in Halloween style! (more…)

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4 Campus Buildings We’d Like to Replace

When I say “Costco,” you say “Wholesale.”  Costco! Wholesale!

A recent petition started on establishes an interesting proposal for UCLA Housing. The petition calls upon UCLA to close down the recently renovated Dykstra Hall in order to create a – you guessed it – Costco, and cites reasons such as the convenience of a Costco and the use of the food court to students. There are some flaws to this petition. For example, I’ve taken a quarter and a half of economics and even I know 100 signatures from college students isn’t a solid base for opening up a franchise. Additionally, the use of, a website typically used to advance social change and challenge public policy, seems a bit questionable.

But really we’re just bored, creative, young and hungry college students who are supposed to propose silly ideas like these, so here are some things we’d like to see on campus instead of certain buildings. (more…)

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Mojo Asks Students

What Will You Be for Halloween?

Some UCLA students have had their Halloween costumes planned out for months, while others are scrambling to put something together at the very last minute. Mojo asked a handful of students the loaded question: “So what will you be for Halloween?”  We’ve organized the answers into four main categories. Hopefully they can give you some last-minute inspiration. (more…)

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