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Three Great Places to Cry After Bombing an Exam

There is no denying that UCLA is an epicenter of rad happenings. However, no matter how many events UCLA hosts, at the end of the day, UCLA is still a top-of-the-line research institution that pushes its students to develop and realize their respective potentials in full. As such, for most of us here at UCLA, finals week is no cake walk. Now, I’m certainly not saying that you’ll fail your final(s), nor am I wishing for you to do so; but in the event that you do, I’ve compiled a list of three great places throughout campus for you to let out all those post-exam feels: (more…)

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Food and Dining

Bougie Bagel Bites


I’m sorry, I thought this was America. I thought my right to free speech was protected by the First Amendment. I thought I was entitled to things like due process and a right to counsel. Apparently, California Pizza Kitchen doesn’t share the same values as me and The Founding Fathers. Apparently, they don’t hold freedom as near and dear to their hearts as I do.

I mean, I can see how someone would take their side in the argument. The waiter did look pretty scared and I was screaming pretty loudly; but, come on, you’re a server at a major restaurant chain and you don’t know what an Arnold Palmer is? That’s absolutely unacceptable, and I took it as my personal duty to let him know as belligerently as possible. Had I known he was only 16-years-old, I might have been a little more sensitive, but that’s the fickle nature of hindsight.

Anyways, my lifetime ban from CPK isn’t going away anytime soon (and neither is that restraining order), so I figured it would be a good idea to play around with some of their classics. Since it’s impossible to make proper pizza in an oven that only goes up to 500 degrees, I skipped the pizza dough and used mini-bagels as my canvas. Plus, who didn’t binge eat Bagel Bites as a kid, right?

(Disclaimer: This story is 100% fictional. I am not banned from CPK, and I never verbally assaulted a member of their wait staff. I have nothing but respect for their organization, and my imitative pizza bagels should be taken as pure flattery.) (more…)

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Travel Study Tips



Personally, I think there is nothing more exciting than an upcoming travel adventure. The anticipation is half the joy of going. However, it can also be really overwhelming to plan all the minute, less exciting details. Overcome the obstacles with these tips: (more…)

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Mojo Asks Students

What Social Media Outlet do UCLA Students Prefer?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogspot … the number of social media outlets that we are tied to seem to be almost infinite at times. With so many different types of social media outlets and so many different ways to share information, we began wondering how UCLA students preferred to share their news. We asked five UCLA students how they would share five different stories and the results were surprisingly uniform.

1. You just got accepted into graduate school. How do you share this news?

jeanette (1)
Jeanette Lemus
Second-year, biology 
“I would choose Facebook because I think it’s more text friendly and I would be able to write a post and people will actually take the time to read it as opposed to Instagram which is more picture-based. I know when I look through my news feed on Instagram, I focus my attention on the picture instead of the caption so I feel like other people will do the same to a post about my acceptance to grad school.” (more…)

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