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Playlist: Life of a UCLA Student

A lot of people have playlists for every situation, whether it be for studying, relaxing or partying. What if there was a playlist for basically every UCLA student? Check out these songs as they apply to each situation in your life, so you can imagine your life as a musical.

Your week begins, and you wake up, extremely tired, but then you simply stop by B-Café to grab some coffee, and all of a sudden, you’re “wide awake.” (Katy Perry – “Wide Awake”)

You walk to class, going through Bruin Walk, bombarded by a mass of flyers, with people advertising events by saying things like, “Read all about it now … It’s free … No, you don’t have to pay … It has a lot of information you can really use!” (“The Book of Mormon” – “Hello!”)

However, you unfortunately have a midterm that day. If you’re a South Campus student, trying to become “The Scientist,” you reflect on your academic life, recalling when “nobody said it was easy/ no one ever said it would be this hard.” (Coldplay – “The Scientist”)

You’ve become exhausted from classes, and yet you realize you still have to get to your job, internship, club meeting, or all of the above, because you know you need to “work hard every day of (your) life/ work till (you) ache in (your) bones” so you can “take (home) your hard earned pay all on (your) own,” until you “get down on (your) knees/ and (you) start to pray/ till the tears run down from (your) eyes.” (Queen – “Somebody to Love”)

Yet, you keep your job, no matter how stressful it is.  With the budget of a broke college student, you realize you “only got twenty dollars in (your) pocket” and you can only buy things because “it was 99 cents.” (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Thrift Shop”)

Then, after a very long, stressful week, the weekend comes, and you just want to hit up a party.  Your night becomes amazing after dancing the night away and meeting many attractive people because all you needed was “a beauty and a beat/ who can make (your) life complete.” (Justin Bieber – “Beauty and a Beat”)

After an exhausting week and a night of partying, you feel like you need to work out.  At the end of a tough workout and an even tougher week, you realize life will “shoot (you) down but (you) won’t fall / (you are) titanium.” (David Guetta – “Titanium”)

Hopefully, this post makes you say, “Story of My Life.” (One Direction – “Story of My Life”)

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