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How to Stay in Touch with College Friends Over the Summer

I honestly don’t know how to feel about summer. Sure, I get to go home, meet up with old friends, am absolved (for the most part) of the responsibilities of getting my own food, doing my own laundry, etc. and settle into my pre-college routine.

On some days, it’s almost as if my freshman year of college never happened. But it did. And it certainly isn’t easy to be separated from the friends with whom you’ve spent the majority of your year. So without further ado, here are my favorite ways to stay in touch with college buddies:


Snapchat (more…)

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Mojo Asks Students

What Social Media Outlet do UCLA Students Prefer?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogspot … the number of social media outlets that we are tied to seem to be almost infinite at times. With so many different types of social media outlets and so many different ways to share information, we began wondering how UCLA students preferred to share their news. We asked five UCLA students how they would share five different stories and the results were surprisingly uniform.

1. You just got accepted into graduate school. How do you share this news?

jeanette (1)
Jeanette Lemus
Second-year, biology 
“I would choose Facebook because I think it’s more text friendly and I would be able to write a post and people will actually take the time to read it as opposed to Instagram which is more picture-based. I know when I look through my news feed on Instagram, I focus my attention on the picture instead of the caption so I feel like other people will do the same to a post about my acceptance to grad school.” (more…)

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