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The Hike to Hedrick

Whenever you hear that someone lives in Hedrick Summit, you immediately feel bad and wince in pain at the thought of walking up all those stairs.

Once you decide to make the trek, you have to mentally prepare yourself.


At first, you feel so energized, until you hit your second set of stairs, and then it starts to feel like they’re never-ending. Because they are.


I decided to measure the amount of steps it actually takes to get from Hedrick Summit to Kerckhoff Coffee House, since coffee is a priority in every college student’s life.

Beginning in Summit’s lobby and taking the shortest route, I walked 1,647 steps in about 15 minutes. BONUS: I burned 31 calories. That’s my workout for the week.

That’s over 1,600 steps just to get to Kerckhoff. Just imagine the walk to UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs.


Next time you make your way to Hedrick Summit, feel free to skip the gym. Walking to Summit is enough.

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