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Life Lessons Learned from the Oscars

Last night was the broadcast of the 87th Academy Awards, AKA the most prestigious cinematic awards show of the year. Besides the usual random knowledge of who is everyone’s plus-one and who made each person’s outfit, I actually picked up a couple life lessons applicable to the life of an average UCLA student. Who says you can’t actually learn anything from watching television?

1. Laugh, even when no one else is doing it

Laughter is like instant social lubricant; it can diffuse any awkward situation, even when that situation is a terribly told pun to a room of Hollywood’s most famous. In attempt to creatively introduce the next presenter, Reese Witherspoon, the host of the show, Neil Patrick Harris, said, “This next presenter is so lovely you could eat her up with her spoon.” *crickets* However, who could stay mad long when he flashes that gorgeous smile? His terrible joke managed to remind everyone to take themselves a little less seriously, something we all need to be reminded of from time to time. If all else fails, pull a Neil and just stick by your work, even if no one else is willing to do so.



2. Call your parents

Let’s get a little sappy for a moment. It is easy in the hustle and bustle of exams, extracurriculars and napping, to forget about those people who just happened to take care of us for 18 years. Thanks to J.K. Simmons, Best Supporting Actor winner, the millions of people watching the broadcast were reminded to call up their biggest fans, their parents. This particular fandom may be small, and it may lack a catchy nickname, like Lovatics or Beliebers, but it is the most important one of all. Pro tip: follow Mr. Simmons’ advice closely and avoid texting a quick, “Hey, what’s up?” Using your phone for its actual intended purpose could be nice for a change.

3. Everything truly is awesome

College students are notorious for complaining about everything. Walking around campus is essentially a full-time job at UCLA, the curve can be a real challenge and the lines are actually ridiculous. However, the adorable and nostalgia-filled spectacle that was performance of The Lego Movie’s “Everything Is Awesome” helped put these daily annoyances into perspective. All that walking gives us super-toned calves, the long lines lead to delicious food and we are incredibly lucky to go to a school as highly academically renowned as UCLA. Plus, if dancers can jump around in cheesy, uncomfortable costumes on national television, then I can totally walk up a few stairs.

4. Don’t be afraid to voice your beliefs

Several stars used the worldwide exposure to promote something other than their favorite gown designer. Reese Witherspoon took to Instagram before the event to promote #AskHerMore, a movement centered around expanding the types of questions asked on the red carpet to female celebs. Steve Carell sported some #HeforShe cuff links, in support of the UN’s campaign for gender equality. Patricia Arquette called for America to step up its protection of equal rights for women in her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech.

You don’t have to be a powerful movie star to support an awesome cause, there are plenty of outlets on campus to get involved and make a difference. Who knows, you too could earn a celebratory hand point from the queen of cinema, Meryl Streep.

Yes Meryl, yes.

Did you watch the Oscars last night? Tell us what you thought in the comments below or tweet us at @dbmojo!

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Bruin Buzz: A$AP Rocky, Condoleezza Rice and the Oscars

1. The rumors are true. We ain’t talking ’bout no money, we ain’t talking ’bout no cars, A$AP Rocky is coming to UCLA – that’s wassup. He will appear with Rocky Diamonds at Cultural Affairs Commission’s Hip Hop Explosion 2013 on Thursday. Reservations begin Sunday at 11:59 p.m. on the Cultural Affairs Commission’s website. There are only 1,500 spaces. We don’t know about you, but we’re gonna have that page pulled up and hitting refresh into the wee hours of the morning.

2. If seeing A$AP Rocky isn’t good enough, the politically inclined among us may want to see former U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice. She’s coming to UCLA on Wednesday to deliver the 2013 Daniel Pearl Memorial Lecture. The lecture, last given by The New Yorker editor David Remnick, was established in honor of Pearl, a Wall Street Journal reporter killed by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002. Past speakers have included Christopher Hitchens, Anderson Cooper and Larry King. Admission is free but you must RSVP here.

3. After all the buildup, the Oscars are finally happening Sunday. Last year, UCLA alumnus Alexander Payne was nominated for The Descendants, and this year a UCLA student will be one of six college students delivering statuettes to the celebrity presenters. Last year’s Oscar host, Seth MacFarlane, the creator of TV series Family Guy and the film Ted, made a surprise appearance in Film & Television 184A last quarter to encourage students to apply to be a presenter. Tatenda Mbudzi, a UCLA graduate student in film (and the teacher’s assistant for the class last quarter), beat out more than 1,100 contenders for the spot.

By the way, speaking of the Oscars, check out this Special Edition poster and see if you can name all the winners. Also, make sure to take a look at this Daily Bruin poll to learn more about the UCLA community’s Oscar winner predictions.

And thus concludes this week’s star-studded Bruin Buzz post. Will you be seeing any of these stars or watching the Oscars? Let us know your plans and Oscar predictions by tweeting us @dbmojo or commenting below.

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