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Food and Dining

Ten Snacks For Less Than $1 From Hill Top Shop

Do you ever wake up too late to grab some breakfast from the Hill? Or maybe you’re running low on swipes for the week (for those of you who have regular meal plans)? Maybe you just got really tired of school food (I already did!)?

Like many college students, I’m broke! And always hungry. I’m ALWAYS leaving my room exactly 30 minutes before my lecture to make sure I get there on time and that does not allow me to stop by one of the dining halls or a to-go dining commons for breakfast. I also don’t have time to come back up to the Hill and grab some lunch. So what happens? I starve!

Other times, I get really tired of the food on the Hill. Unbelievable! Right? But it happens to a couple of people and it might happen to you.

If you’re like me, there’s a solution to that!

These snacks from the Hill Top Shop are each less than $1 and will definitely come in handy when you’re starving.


Nissin Cup Noodles: will fill you up – $0.89



Nature Valley granola bars: $0.79 (several different flavors)



Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts: $0.99



Sunshine Cheez-It: delicious cheesy snacks – Original: $0.79, other flavors: $0.89 



Keebler Snack Packs: THE childhood snack – $0.69



Famous Amos cookies: delicious mini cookies – $0.89



Keebler Sugar Wafers: $0.89



Special K pastries and bars: breakfast on the go – $0.89



Corn Nuts: several different flavors – $0.99



Knott’s Berry Farm cookies: strawberry: $0.99, blueberry: $0.79


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Campus news

The Hill is alive with the sound of music: students move keyboard to new home in Sproul Hall

Residents on the fourth floor of Sproul Hall noticed a new addition to their lounge late Saturday night: a keyboard.

This time last year, the keyboard was gathering dust in an attic in Schoenberg Hall. When a group of students found the unused instrument, a sound engineer told them: “If you can get it down, you can have it.”

They not only got it down – they hauled it to their lounge in Dykstra Hall, using just a skateboard.

After a nostalgic visit to their old rooms in Dykstra Saturday night, the students – now residents of Sproul – brought the keyboard to its new home.

See the video of the students describing their adventure below.

Do you have any fun stories about life on the Hill? Share them with us via twitter @dbmojo or comment below.

With reports by Naheed Rajwani and Byron Lutz, Bruin senior staff

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