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Thanksgiving Treats: Mini Pumpkin Pies

Quality or quantity?  With most great desserts, it’s a Battle Royale for the duel title. But it’s rare to find a quality dessert you can eat a large quantity of (well, without some sort of nagging feeling that you need to hit the gym right after, that is).

Some of us can eat three slices of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving without batting an eyelash. For everyone else, there’s mini-pumpkin pies. They’re only 36 calories each (about the same amount of energy you spend warding off fliers on Bruin Walk). Cutting corners never tasted so good!

One note about the recipe: Your trusty hand mixer won’t cut it. A blender or magic bullet is the secret to making a smooth batter.

You can whip these little pots o’ gold up in less than 15 minutes. Allow another 15 minutes for baking time and you’ve got a Thanksgiving snack.

The real trick is to see whether you can keep up with the rate at which they disappear…


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