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The Six Stages Of Daylight Savings Time Day

The alarm goes off at 7 a.m. and it feels like 6 a.m. You feel like a zombie.


Or instead of actually waking up, you forget to move your clock forward and your alarm goes off at the wrong 7 a.m. This is when you jump out of bed and run to class in your pajamas.


You look outside to see the sun shining through your window hoping it will wake you up, when you realize it is still dark.


Soon it starts to feel like lunchtime and your stomach is growling, but technically it’s not lunch yet and you are still in class.


You soon start to feel the effect of waking up an hour earlier. Your whole day seems to be ruined from missing one hour of sleep. This is when you start cursing the world.


Finally as you walk back home at 6 p.m. feeling super dead and drained, you see the sun is still out. Now you realize daylight savings time isn’t that bad after all, right?


It seems we will forever have a love-hate relationship with daylight savings time. Remember to set your clocks forward this Sunday at 2 a.m.



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