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The Best of: The Bourne Series

The Campus Events Commission is screening the fourth and rebooted film of the Bourne series tonight (study break, anyone?). Earlier this quarter we decided which Batman movie deserved the most kudos, and now we pick our favorite film of the Bourne series. While Jeremy Renner is awesome (being Hawkeye in “The Avengers” and all), we decided to stick with the first three films so as not to spoil any experiences with “The Bourne Legacy” tonight. But mostly, it’s just because we just really love Matt Damon.

1. Best chase scene

  • The Bourne Identity: Bourne driving a red mini cooper through the streets of Paris. “So… we got a bump coming up,” he tells Marie coolly, before driving the mini down a flight of stairs in an alley.
  • The Bourne Supremacy: This time Bourne, driving a taxi, is being pursued by a jeep-driving villain Kirill. Just when we thought Bourne’s chances looked slim, he drives Kirill’s jeep into a concrete divider inside a tunnel and walks off. Yep, he’s that cool.
  • The Bourne Ultimatum: The Waterloo station scene. While this is not a car chase like the previous two films, we were on the edges of our seats as Bourne used his cellphone to direct a Guardian correspondent through the busy station while avoiding spinning security cameras and bad guys with guns everywhere.

 Winner: Ultimatum

2. The story (aka our grossly general attempt to summarize the complex conspiracy-ridden plots in one sentence)

  • Identity: Bourne being awesome and kicking ass while suffering from amnesia, only to find out he’s actually an assassin. Classic.
  • Supremacy: Still suffering from some holes in his memory, Bourne is framed for murder but manages to vindicate and redeem himself.
  • Ultimatum: Bourne sets out to investigate his past, successfully exposes Treadstone and disappears after finding out his true identity.

Winner: Identity

3. Most badass scene

  • Identity: Bourne plunging down a stairwell and shooting villains on his way down. See for yourself.
  • Supremacy: The final scene when Bourne speaks on the phone with Pamela Landy. As Bourne ends the call with “Get some rest Pamela. You look tired,” and disappears into the New York City crowd, the theme songs starts to play and the film ends. Spot on.
  • Ultimatum: Bourne using nothing but his hands (and anything within reach including a metal lid and a hand towel) to beat up an assassin.

Winner: Ultimatum

4. Most emotional/heart-wrenching scene:

  • Identity: Does two fugitives on the run sharing a romantic moment while cutting and dyeing each other’s hair in a tiny bathroom count?
  • Supremacy: Bourne taking one last look at Marie before swimming to the surface without her after their car plunged off a bridge during a chase. Bourne may be underwater, but we know he’s crying. So were we.
  • Ultimatum: Bourne goes to tell Marie’s brother that she had been killed and vows to avenge her.

Winner: Supremacy

While all three films in the series have mysterious and complex plots combined with thrilling action, “The Bourne Ultimatum” manages to just edge past the first two films in the series with its innovative action sequences, allusions to the previous two films and Matt Damon being his awesome self. Check out the fourth film of the series tonight at 8 p.m. in Ackerman Grand Ballroom and let us know which one is your favorite by commenting below or tweeting us @dbmojo.

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