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The Difference Between High School and College

Remember when you were in high school not so long ago? Probably not, right? In a short amount of time, college has taken over your life and completely made you forget just what high school was like. This November, seniors in high school are applying to the UC system and will soon experience the transformation that takes place upon entering college. Here’s a list of things you do in college that you never did in high school. Incoming freshmen better start preparing.



You might say you can avoid this caffeinated drink, but coffee and college go hand in hand and there’s nothing you can do about it. In high school, coffee was that drink for grown-ups that tasted too bitter. Now, you can’t live without it.


nap - gif

Naps are a college student’s best friend. Without naps, students would literally be walking zombies. Remember the good old days of high school when you thought napping was for old people? Not anymore. Naps are now what you look forward to after that two-hour class.

Sleep Deprivation

sleep deprivation - gif

College students never sleep, period. Somehow in high school you managed to go to sleep around midnight. Now going to bed at midnight is the craziest thing you could ever do. How are you going to finish that paper that is due in six hours? College students go to bed late and wake up early, so basically, you’re going to need that coffee.



Once there was a time when you would actually finish all your assigned reading for class. In college, you will start the quarter telling yourself that you will do every single reading, but by midterms, forget about it. Just accept that you will never finish all your readings because they will never end. It’s a constant battle to catch up with old readings instead of your favorite Netflix series.


bananas-in-pajamas gif

A college student going to class in pajamas is completely normal. In high school, you would always try to impress your peers, look your best and even get up early enough to plan out your look. In college, you just stop caring. What you wake up in is what you go to class in.

What do you do in college that you didn’t do in high school? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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