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Top Finds at the Library Staff Association’s 44th Annual $5 Bag of Books Sale

The LSA, also known as the Library Staff Association, is having a book sale in front of the Young Research Library today. The book sale will be open exclusively to UCLA students from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and will stay open until 3 p.m. for the general public. For just five dollars you can buy one of their paper shopping bags and fill it with as many books as possible.

We spoke to a few bookworms at the event, and compiled a list of five great finds:

1. Alexandra Onea found The Literary Book Of Answers. This book works like a Magic 8 ball. A one-line answer is centered on every page. The reader simply asks the all-knowing book a question and then flips it open to find out the response.

2. Jae Hong, a busy neuroscience student, picked up The Giant Book Of Insults to help him take over the world… and add some wit to a book he plans to write. Hong also discovered some books written in Korean, which he says are pretty hard to find.

3. Laurie Ou found an Encyclopedia of nutrition facts so she can look up the calorie breakdown for any dish and try to avoid gaining a sophomore fifteen.

4.  Second-year student Mary Clark grabbed two volumes of Masterpieces of World Literature to help her out on with her comparative literature classes, but was scouring the stacks for something more inspiring.

5. Yasmine Thomas, a fine arts student, stopped by on her way to Broad Arts Center to pick up some illustrated childrens’ books for the nostalgia (and possibly for crafting purposes). She also grabbed German Vocabulary so she can try out some new words in her German class.

Stop by today to support the librarians who keep our school running and find some great books in the process.

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