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Three DIY Graduation Gifts

As the school year winds down to graduation, we should stop and acknowledge that the seniors of the Class of 2014 have been broke college students for the last four years of their lives! With that being said, here are three easy DIY replacements for typical graduation gifts:

1. Leis
Leis, as most of you know, are flowers stringed together and worn on the neck. They’re delicate and sometimes fall off the string, but always manage to look fresh on camera. The only thing better than the smell of fresh flowers is the smell of fresh dollar bills that won’t fall off while you’re walking up to receive your diploma. Click here for specific instructions.


2. Flower bouquets
Yes, they’re pretty and smell nice, but they also make some people sneeze. More importantly, they die. Use some crisp dollar bills (or larger bills if you’re feeling generous) and craft wire, whip out your origami moves and make your grad a bouquet of cash flowers that they can either display forever or use on a rainy day. Click here for specific instructions.


3. Balloons
They’re cute, colorful and float up toward the sky. What’s not to like? Maybe the fact that they sometimes pop and deflate before you want them to. Insert some glitter and rolled up cash into a balloon before you blow it up and you’ll create the perfect balloon. Just be careful not to let it fly off before the cash has been pocketed! Use this video from Lifetime Moms for reference. (A clear balloon would be better for this, but I only had white on hand.)



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