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4 Campus Buildings We’d Like to Replace

When I say “Costco,” you say “Wholesale.”  Costco! Wholesale!

A recent petition started on establishes an interesting proposal for UCLA Housing. The petition calls upon UCLA to close down the recently renovated Dykstra Hall in order to create a – you guessed it – Costco, and cites reasons such as the convenience of a Costco and the use of the food court to students. There are some flaws to this petition. For example, I’ve taken a quarter and a half of economics and even I know 100 signatures from college students isn’t a solid base for opening up a franchise. Additionally, the use of, a website typically used to advance social change and challenge public policy, seems a bit questionable.

But really we’re just bored, creative, young and hungry college students who are supposed to propose silly ideas like these, so here are some things we’d like to see on campus instead of certain buildings.

Gym instead of Hedrick Summit:  I’m mainly putting this one because I’m scared of the wrath of Julianna if I didn’t. That said, the walk to Wooden is a workout in itself, am I right?  A gym on the hill would not only cut down in traffic at Wooden, but would hopefully get me super buff.

Chipotle instead of Rendezvous: Don’t touch the Asian cuisine side, but how amazing would a Chipotle-like, perfectly oiled conveyor belt of a restaurant be on the Hill? All the ingredients are there, let’s just move some counters around and get customized options. Nothing brightens up a day quite like a burrito bowl, handmade to your liking.

Haunted House instead of Bunche:  Maybe I’ve just been reading too many Halloween articles, but I’m pretty sure a 365-day-a-year haunted house on campus would be a hot commodity. The perfect pregame to a Thursday night is most definitely a quality fright …

Ice Fortress instead of Hitch Suites: I won’t lie to you; this is 100 percent because I just saw the “Yeezus” tour, but that shouldn’t hinder my opinion. A residential Fortress of Solitude would be so sick, cooling our population one student at a time. In fact, an ice bath right after my walking-up-the-Hill workout sounds delightful.

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