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Dish it Out: Valentine’s Day Strawberry-Nutella Pop-Tarts

Few things say “I love you” more than a Strawberry-Nutella Pop-Tart. These gooey squares practically ooze love – they’re hugs and kisses in food form. They’re also the perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast surprise (or late night snack) to share with your roommates, best friend or other loved ones.

The recipe is incredibly easy to make (only five ingredients) and ready to eat within an hour. My roommates and I had a blast creating this treat together in the style of an assembly line. We especially loved sneaking bits of strawberries and tastes of Nutella while concocting these goodies.

Special tip: I would advise leaving about a centimeter or two of space on the rim pastry’s bottom layer. If you forget to leave space, the Nutella and strawberry will ooze out when you press the fork around the Pop-Tart’s edges (not the worst possible outcome, but it can get pretty messy!)

If you find yourself with leftover strawberries, try making strawberry calzones. They lack the aesthetic appeal of the Pop-tarts’s nutella-strawberry heart, but they’re just as tasty!


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