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DIY: Make T-Shirts Into Tank Tops

 Jessica Korn / Daily BruinThis wave of heat is getting to be ridiculous. For the past week it hasn’t been below 90 degrees, and we’ve all been tanning, sunburning and sweating to death. To help you keep cool and avoid inevitable pit stains, here are step-by-step directions for cutting your T-shirts into tank tops.

Tie Front Tank Top

 Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin1. Get your T-shirt. Cotton shirts usually work best for this.

2. Cut off the sleeves and collar of the shirt. Depending on how thick you want the straps to be, cut closer to the neck line.
From here, you could stop if you just want a regular tank top, but if you want to get a bit more funky keep following the steps.

3. Turn over the shirt. You’re going to be cutting across JUST the back of the shirt up to where your hips are. For accuracy, mark the line you’re going to cut with a white pencil or tape.

4. Cut along the line and remove the tape.

5. Cut a line up the middle of the front of the shirt up to where you cut it in the back. Then cut diagonally to the side of the shirt on both sides to create two triangles.

6. Turn the shirt back over and tie the triangles together in a knot.

Fringe Tank Top

 Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin1-2. Follow steps 1 and 2 from above to get the shirt into a tank top.

3. Figure out where you want the fringe of your tank top to start. Take a line of tape and line it up so that the bottom of the tape is where you want your fringe to begin and tape all the way across.

4. Cut both the front and back of the shirt in strands about an inch thick. Make sure the cuts stop just before the tape, do not cut into or above it.

5. Cut off the hem line on each of the strands. Then, holding the shirt by the tape line, pull each strand individually. They will become long and stringy. Careful not to pull too hard, or you’ll pull the strands off!

6. To get cinched straps, take the sleeves from the shirt and cut off the hemlines to get 2 strips of cloth. Tie a knot on the shoulder hem of each strap.

Racerback Tank Top

Jessica Korn / Daily Bruin1. Follow steps 1 and 2 from above to get the shirt into a tank top. Cut off the bottom hem and save it.

2. Turn the shirt over. Cutting ONLY the back straps, cut deeper into the shirt to get the racerback style.

3. From the top straps, cut a deep V into the back of the shirt.

4. Take the bottom hem of the shirt and cut off the stitching so it’s just the cloth left. Stretch out the cloth so that it’s long and stringy.

5. About 2 inches from the bottom of the V, tie the strand of cloth into a double knot.

6. Wrap the cloth up the straps of the shirt. (5 and 6 are switched in the photo.)

7. When you’ve wrapped the cloth to the top of the straps, tie it off and double-knot it. Cut off any excess cloth left over.

8. To add a little more pizazz, cut in a crescent shape on the bottom of the shirt.

What other styles of tank tops would you like to learn how to make? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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