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Example of a Typical UCLA Instagram Account

If you don’t have an Instagram (insta, grammy, grams, insta-Graham Elliot of MasterChef), then I suggest you stop reading. Not because you won’t find this interesting, but because you need to get out from under that rock and start snapping away.

Don’t be intimidated. The best part about the gram is that you can take a picture of ANYTHING and make it look good.

For example, this is a picture I found on my phone that I accidentally took:

IMG_1475I then used instagram filters and made it look great:


I was at first hesitant to get Instagram, until I realized two things. First, even I could make photos look pretty using Instagram. Second, I could find out so much about other people from their Insta-feeds. I could probably take any girl on a perfect first date if you just give me her Insta-access. That said, I have never come across a wildly unique account. Each one consists of pictures of friends, selfies, food, nature and some beautiful yet overused shots of the UCLA campus.

UCLA is a beautiful campus filled with beautiful landscapes, beautiful students, beautiful buildings and beautiful professors (you decide which ones we’re talking about). The following pictures are what you may find on a typical UCLA student’s Instagram account.


This beautiful picture of Royce Hall looks like any other picture of Royce Hall. With this picture usually comes the caption: “My school is better than yours. #UCLA #beautiful #instabeauty #Powell”

Powell is usually in the description because freshmen are new to campus, and you just need to give them some time to learn.


These are the lovely Janss Steps. Nobody can ever seem to get this picture down. It just never looks right. Thanks to instagram filters though, you might be thinking, “Whaaaaat?  Is this the 60s?” No, because every single person in this picture is looking at their cell phone.




This handsome fellow is a sandwich from Fat Sal’s. When broke and hungry college kids get their hands on good food, they need to let everyone know what they’re eating.  The day before I came back to school, I uploaded a picture of mashed potatoes onto instagram. I didn’t use a filter – I just had a weird urge to share my mom’s cooking. Now that I’m independent and on my own, I have the urge to show my mom what I’m eating. She does NOT like when other people cook for me. #protectivemothers

Have some not so typical shots of UCLA to share? Comment below or tweet us @dbmojo.

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