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Food For Thought: A Diet That Will Help You Ace Your Finals

So you finally figured out how to calculate Taylor Series Expansions. You can recite Vergil in your sleep. But your performance on your final exams depends on more than whether or not you managed to cram well the night before: What you eat while you’re studying before your exam can have significant impact on your performance.

While You’re Studying

Focusing on less exciting topics like abstract algebra and verb conjugations can make anyone willing to brave the devil’s stairs by Café 1919 and swipe for gelato. Anything to sweeten that study session up, right?

Hold it. Put down that Bruin Card.

This is the time for nutritious snacks, which should be some combination of all three macronutrients: protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Whole-grain toast with almond-cashew butter from B-Plate, coupled with a bowl of low-fat greek yogurt would be a fabulous choice.


You were going to use a swipe anyways, right? These munchies, unlike your anticipated bowl of sugary noms, will keep you energized and on-task.

After Studying

Now is the time to reward yourself. That gelato is back on the table. If you’re still in B-Plate and want to keep that healthy thing going, go for the non-fat FroYo- after smothering it in granola and dark chocolate chips, of course.


Believe it or not, that FroYo will satisfy your sweet tooth while dosing you with fiber, protein, antioxidants and vitamins.

But at the end of the day, whether you go for the FroYo or the gelato,  no matter how you much indulge, the mere thought of that delicious dessert you’ll get to dive into once you’ve gone through your tribulations can act as a powerful motivator.

The Morning Of.

It’s no secret caffeine acts as a stimulator, making you feel more awake and pumped up.  Now this might just tempt you to chug a Venti from Starbucks before you walk in that exam room. However (and this is just common sense at this point), this can backfire and make you jittery and less focused than you’d be otherwise.


So just stick to your normal routine: If you usually drink coffee, have your regular amount; if you usually don’t, don’t start now. Now’s not the time to weird your body out.

For breakfast, it’s again important to skip sugary options, so definitely lay off the gelato (Obviously. I mean, for breakfast? ), and perhaps even waffles and pancakes, in favor of a full meal with a wide spread of macronutrients instead. An omelette, cooked with olive oil and various vegetables, is tasty, filling and energizing.


Right Before And During

A recent study conducted by St. Lawrence University has found that chewing gum right before and during a test stimulates cranial blood flow, which is associated with an increase in memory capacity.


But hey, anything’s worth a shot at this point, right?


Making the wrong choices about what you eat before and during an exam can have a deletrious effect on your performance. However, with a little foresight, you’ll be in an optimal position for academic success. Possunt, quia posse videntur.” (See what I did there?)

So eat whatever you want. Knock yourself out. You’ve  definitely earned it.

Assuming, of course, you don’t have another final coming up.

What do you eat when you’re prepping for an exam?

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