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Seven Halloween Costumes You’re Guaranteed to See on Campus

Mojo / Daily Bruin

It’s that time of year. The leaves are falling, there’s pumpkin spice in everything (and I mean EVERYTHING), and Halloween’s just around the corner. From parties to haunted houses to scavenging for candy, costumes are simply indispensable. Whether you’ve been meticulously planning out every inch of your costume since summer or you’re still in the throes of indecision, here are seven Halloween costumes you’re pretty much guaranteed to see on campus this year:

1) The Disney One

This is for those of us who are still kids at heart. From Snow White to Elsa, you can at least expect to glimpse a couple of Belles and Prince Charmings here and there. Don’t judge. We’re lovely people, I swear.

2) The One for Couples


These lovebirds have got it all planned out. Decked out in their matching attire, they’re guaranteed to make every bitterly single person cringe as they sashay past, germinating roses and exuding butterflies in their wake. 

3) The Animal One

There’s a chance that this person might actually like animals, but more likely than not, they just saw an outfit that would pair well with bunny ears. But who cares? It’s cute. It’s classic. And it works.

4) The “Uhh…What Are You Again?” One

These are usually prevalent among homemade costumes. They can be quite abstract and difficult:  You gather that they’re trying to dress up as something … but what? Your guess is as good as ours. This costume could be brilliant or extremely weird.

5) The Nonexistent Costume That Tries to Pass Off As a Costume

This is the guy with the shirt that says “Costume” and thinks that he’s being original. But it’s not. In fact, it’s the farthest thing from original. All it says is “I took 2 minutes to throw a ‘costume’ together.” This one doesn’t even deserve a GIF.

6) The Group One

These are just awesome. You can tell a lot of planning and coordination went into these. These people have got each other’s backs and they’re sure to take any Halloween, anywhere, by storm.

7) The Horrifyingly Terrifying One

You can just tell that this person pretty much lives for Halloween. You’ll see his/her costume … and then wish you hadn’t. You’ll avoid eye contact with this person for fear of your life. But hush. Take a deep breath and just calm down; he/she probably has a fabulous personality and you’ll probably get along together swimmingly … once you get past all that fake blood dripping down his/her face, that is.

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