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How Do You Stay Healthy During the Holidays?

Heaps of turkey (or tofurkey). Stuffing. Sweet potato and marshmallow bakes. Mashed potatoes and gravy. Pie. Pie a la mode. More pie.

Oh, the temptation of sinful holiday season food. With Thanksgiving and winter break quickly approaching, many UCLA students will make their way home to indulge in gluttony way beyond going back for seconds of everything at De Neve. The TV blasting football and the comforts of home on our minds, we’ll abandon our gym and workout routines and potentially build up nice coats of “winter insulation.”

That being said, there’s always plenty of ways to try to stay healthy with diet and exercise. Mojo asked some students around campus for tips on how to stay healthy during the holidays. Here’s what we found:

“I try to cut down on soda (and other sugary drinks) and drink water. It fills you up before you can eat.”
-Bella Cianciolo, first-year biology student

“Substitute vegetables for carbs. Balance your meals!”
-Dorothy Wang, alumna

“I’d say, stay on your feet as much as possible. That’s what I try to do, so my metabolism stays up and I burn the insane amount of calories I’m consuming.”
-Zoya Chhabra, first-year astrophysics student

“Do outdoorsy things with your family, like hiking.”
-Samantha Harris, first-year neuroscience student

“Use smartphone apps to count calories!!!! #1 thing you can do for staying on a healthy track”
-Steven Anderson, first-year economics student, via Facebook comment

“moderate exercise + don’t overindulge/eat right”
-Adarsh Sinha, first-year computer science student, via Facebook comment

“Avoid the pie.”
-Raymond Zhou, fourth-year biology student

How do you plan to keep your health on track while away from the Wooden Center and Bruin Plate? Tweet us @dbmojo or comment below.

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