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“How I Met Your Mother” Actor Josh Radnor Visits UCLA

Actor, director and writer Josh Radnor is best known for playing Ted Mosby on the television show “How I Met Your Mother.” He visited UCLA Monday night, and the line to see him talk wrapped around the exterior of Ackerman Union.

Most students in line could rattle off tons of facts about Ted, but knew very little about Josh. Watch the video above to see students get quizzed on Radnor and his character.

Radnor started off his talk with a crowd-pleasing move: throwing a few bags of chips in to the audience. He was quick to say that he is not Ted Mosby and he was not going to lead a discussion solely about his television character.

So the questions that everybody no doubt wanted to ask were left unanswered – Can you say some of your taglines? How do you think the series will end? Is Cobie Smulders 100 percent committed to her husband and can I have her number and would she answer and who is the mother of your Ted’s children?

“I’m grateful for the show, and I’ve lent a lot of myself to the avatar on television, but that’s not me,” said Radnor, explaining the difference between Mosby and himself. “People get mad at me for something Ted did, and I’m like, ‘Dude, I’m a hired gun.’”

Radnor has been visiting college campuses for the last few months, and he said he likes to focus on answering students’ questions about life goals and careers, rather than his TV persona.

He spent the majority of his 25-minute talk discussing spirituality and self discovery.

“(We need to) begin the act of waking up. The real war is against unconsciousness, sleep,” Radnor said.

Following his talk, he answered students’ questions about his inspirations and his views on the state of society today.

Radnor ended the night by emphasizing how failure can be used as a source of motivation in life.

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