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How to Motivate Yourself to Wake Up Early

The most difficult part of your day may simply be getting out of bed, whether it was because you pulled an all-nighter, or perhaps you just absolutely despise that 8 a.m. class on Monday morning. Either way, here are a few tips that will hopefully be useful for you to motivate yourself to get out of bed and get to class on time.

Drink some water: Drink a small glass of water before you go to bed, so that when morning arrives, you will be forced to get out of bed to go to the bathroom.  Just make sure you don’t drink too much water because you may get out of bed several times in the middle of the night if you do.

Keep your alarm distant:  Place your alarm fairly far away from your bed so that you will have to actually get out of bed in order to shut it off.

Let the sunshine in:  Before you go to bed, open your curtains.  That way, when the morning comes, the sun will shine in, naturally wake you up, and you can start your day with a beautiful view of L.A.  Unfortunately, this tip will not work on cloudy mornings, but luckily, almost every day is sunny here in Westwood.

Find a friend in your class:  Whether you have to get up early for a job, internship or class, find a friend there, or at least make friends with someone there. Having a friend, who can hold you accountable and whom you can mutually bond with over your tiredness, will motivate you to arrive on time. Also, they may be also be willing to text you in the morning to motivate you to get out of bed.

Reward yourself:  Some people need to start the day with a delicious breakfast, a cup of coffee or a hot shower. Whatever works for you, think of it as something to look forward to when you get out of bed. Besides, each of these may take a small amount of time, even if you just need to purchase something before class, so keep that in mind and it just might help you get up.

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