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How to Pull Off Trick-or-Treating as a College Student

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Do you feel like Halloween isn’t the same without massive amounts of candy and the competitive rush of trick-or-treating? On the actual night of All Hallows’ Eve, don’t despair and substitute the lack of candy with alcohol. Instead, relive your childhood with these tips for pulling off trick-or-treating when you look well over the max age limit.

What to wear

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This is not the time to whip out the revealing kitten costume that you would typically wear for an adult Halloween party. (“I’m a mouse, duh.”) Instead, opt for an appropriate, kid-friendly ensemble like a modest angel or a superhero. Think middle school dress code.

Picking a neighborhood

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Three words: king-size candy bars. Where can you get them? The Bel Air and Beverly Hills residential areas are obviously prime. So are the streets behind the sororities. These neighborhoods are great because while there are a lot of little kids around, they also are more welcoming to their friendly neighborhood UCLA students, and are happy to support us starving college students by sharing the goods. Go Bruins!

Trick-or-treating etiquette

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Don’t cut off a group of children by trying to push your way to the front of the line to the door to get the best candy. Don’t take or expect more than a couple pieces of candy from each house. Look apologetic for freeloading off a children’s holiday, even if you don’t mean it. Just remember that you’re repping all UCLA students to the community, so be respectful. 

Maximize outcomes

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If you encounter a stressed out parent frantically trying to manage their screaming kid, don’t hesitate to mention to that you are an excellent and experienced babysitter with a clean driving record and a standout GPA. Nannying jobs galore. Who knows, maybe you should consider trick-or-treating with a resume.

Still not sure about trick-or-treating? There’s always “trick-or-drinking!”

This activity is ideal for apartment complexes or houses where a unit or room is a different location at which, instead of candy, you receive a drink. Use with caution, especially when combined with candy ingestion.

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